Oct 16, 2019

Mendoza: Land of polo, sun and wine

What could feel more Argentine than drinking Malbec while watching a polo match in the glorious Mendocinean sunshine? Each harvest in Mendoza there’s the chance to do just that as one of Mendoza’s oldest wineries, Escorihuela Gascon, hosts their annual Vendimia Polo Open championship.

Polo is Argentina’s unofficial national sport and a game that the nation has mastered having played it for 150 years with some of the world’s greatest tournaments held in the capital, Buenos Aires. But Polo has proliferated across Argentina and in the mountain terrains of Mendoza it also has a home.


One of the most active wineries on the polo field is Escorihuela Gascon. Founded in 1884, the historic winery just outside of Mendoza city centre is a major sponsor for polo events and cups throughout the year and each March they host their own cup in the polo fields just besides their vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo.


It’s a full day of sport, wine and gastronomy as some of the country’s top players, some of the region’s most celebrated chefs and the newest wine releases from Escorihuela Gascon come together on the polo field. With 2020 as its tenth edition, this is one of the most anticipated polo events in Argentina.


If you can’t wait until march to get a taste for polo and Malbec in Mendoza, the winery also offers bici-polo in the winery gardens!