Jan 14, 2019

Porto for families

Gather your family and come to Porto. Here, fun is guaranteed for everyone: parents, children and even grandparents!





Visiting Porto presupposes a wine experience and visiting the Port Wine Cellars are a must.

The cellars are located on the banks of the River Douro which in itself is a pleasant family outing, crossing the Luis I bridge from Ribeira do Porto to Gaia where the 15 Port Wine Cellars are located. Here you can choose the following cellars: Calém, Ramos Pinto, Burmester, Churchill’s, Cockburn’s, Ferreira, Offley, Forrester, Junior Pools, Real Companhia Velha, Rozès, Sandeman, Graham’s, Kopke, Quinta do Noval and Espaço Porto Cruz.

Porto has more to see and do together with your family, here are some suggestions:

There is no better way to start your day with a stroll in the Botanical Garden of Porto, a historical place where you can find succulent gardens, greenhouses featuring tropical plants, orchids and even aquatic plants! And since you are already here, take the time to visit the Biodiversity Hall, a venue where science meets art and literature, and features all the necessary ingredients to keep the little ones interested!
Shortly after, surround yourselves with the cutest animals at Santo Inácio Zoo, the largest and greenest zoo in the north of the country. From meerkats to giraffes, there is sweetness to suit all tastes.


We can also find animals, albeit linked to the imagination, at Museu de Marionetas do Porto. It is a magical world where children and adults have access to puppets, props and other emblematic objects used in the shows of Teatro de Marionetas do Porto.
Next, take the opportunity to recreate the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators and cross the oceans as a family in the World of Discoveries. From India to Macau, passing through Brazil, you will certainly become the new Portuguese explorers!
It is natural that, after so much walking, your stomach is already rumbling! You can find, all over the city, restaurants with communal tables where there’s room for the whole family!
Now invigorated, go to “infinity and beyond” at Porto Planetarium. Take the time to get closer to the stars as you explore the mysteries of the universe!
For a challenge more suitable for young children explore the exotic Passeio Alegre Garden and experience what is considered one of the best miniature golf courses in the world!
Continue along the coastal avenue and take a well-deserved break at SEA LIFE: you will all feel like a fish in water! Right next to it you will find the largest urban park in the country: City Park. With 83 acres, there is plenty of room to stroll, relax and even play. And why not end your day with a family picnic?

​You can also benefit from numerous discounts Porto.CARD  in most of these places, with no age limit and suited to all tastes.

Big or small, all families are welcome and, do not forget: we are here to help!