Nov 12, 2021

The Porto Regional Winners in the Best Of Wine Tourism 2022

The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards are considered the "Wine Tourism Oscars", and the criteria are based on the service’s quality, the innovative, differential, and original factors of each candidate. Get to know the winners distinguished in the Douro, Porto and Vinhos Verdes wine regions


Architecture and Landscape: Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta  

Winner in the category of “Architecture and Landscape”, the hotel located in São João da Pesqueira, also incorporates the restricted lot of the ten winners of the international awards. “Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta is a project distinguished by the set of unique and differentiating experiences, with a strong sensory nature, which is proposed to all of those who visit us”, explained Elsa Couto, Quinta de Ventozelo’s Marketing and Communication Director.

The Quinta, one of the largest and oldest ones in the Douro, has an area of 400 hectares, 200 of which are vineyards, and offers 29 rooms and a restaurant, wine tasting, an interpretive center, hiking trails, nature tourism activities, and hunting. “To get to know the Douro in a Quinta is the challenge we propose to those who visit us. Tourists can thus get to know Ventozelo, and the region itself, in its various aspects, enjoying a composite tourist offer that includes wine tasting and other products of the Quinta such as olive oil and gin and its centuries-old buildings,” she ended.

Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences: Quinta da Aveleda

Quinta da Aveleda won in the category of Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences and mirrors everything that the winery has been developing in recent years. Romantic, innovative and a real puzzle, this is how we can characterize Aveleda’s Escape Garden. The disappearance of a bottle of wine from 1870 sets the beginning of an unmissable experience in one of the most passionate gardens in Portugal. With speed, concentration, and dexterity this Escape Garden shares the history of Aveleda in and educationally and entertainingly way.

“We are proud to see our project recognized among so many other national and international reference projects. Besides the stimulus to do more and better, it is undoubtedly a way to reach all of those who do not know us yet, but will soon”, on the other hand, this category of Innovative Experiences, reflects everything that we have developed this year with great success”, explained Paula Sousa, Aveleda’s Wine Tourism Director.

With intense innovation and a passionate approach to the client, Quinta da Aveleda continues to strive to guarantee an excellent service among magical gardens and fruity and remarkable wines. Paula confessed to us that the Quinta “is a pearl in the hands of the Guedes family for more than 300 years”, it distinguishes itself from many other wine tourism services by its unique and magical panorama. At Aveleda “Wine Tourism is developed through several activities – visits, tastings, meals, workshops and events (…). 30 min away from Porto and in the heart of the Vinho Verde region, challenges such as the Escape Garden, the Picnics or the Bread Workshop are unique moments that enrich any experience in the universe of vineyards and wine”. She concluded.

Accommodation: Quinta da Gricha

Winner of the accommodation award, the stunning Quinta da Gricha is intimate, personal and a mirror of Churchill’s wines, the first British house to be established in over 50 years, and which, to this day, remains autonomous and family owned. The Gricha Vineyard House, inserted in the Quinta da Gricha, has only four luxury rooms – Heather, Lavender, Rockrose, and Juniper, surrounded by 50 hectares of Churchill’s legendary vineyards overlooking the Douro valley. “Here, we invite guests to experience the tranquility and simplicity of life amidst the vineyards, learn about viticulture and oenology on our personalized tours, taste Churchill’s wines among the Douro terraces or overlooking our Lagares, relax by the pool with infinity views, or simply unwind on the terrace while contemplating the panoramic view over the Douro valley.”, Ana Pinho, Head of Marketing and Communications, confessed to us.

It is an independent luxury tourism, where guests “enjoy access to intimate experiences designed and curated by our team”, which allow them to chart their course to enjoy the space, “without the formalities of traditional hospitality. And it is this opening of the doors of our house, of a boutique wine-producing house, that makes Gricha a special place”, Ana concluded.

Art and Culture: Ferreira Cellars

Produced in the Douro and aged in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, Ferreira Ports are world-renowned, with roots dating back to the early 19th century. Inside, more than diversified wine tourism experiences and the history of the centenary brand, we can count on the art exhibition “Space for the Body” from the Serralves Foundation’s collection that, for its differential, cultural and historical aspect, earned the winery this distinction in the Art and Culture category. This exhibition was conceived for the Ferreira Cellars and is linked to the history of the iconic Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, better known as Ferreirinha, a Portuguese businesswoman bonded to the cultivation of Port Wine. The exhibition brings together works by Portuguese and international artists, 16 works in total, spread over three floors, including barrels, bottles, and wine tools, in a show that begins in the Largo da Cruz and ends in the Jardim da Ema.

Wine Restaurants: Vale do Tábua Wine & Tapas

The winner of the wine tourism restaurants award, Vale do Tábua Wine & Tapas is in Pinhão, with a magnificent view of the stunning Douro River. This local restaurant has all its production at its estate, Vale do Tábua, just 5km away. With a huge diversity of tapas, which can be deliciously paired with their wines, it promises to be a journey of flavors on one of the sunny slopes of the Douro River.

Wine Tourism Services: Quinta das Carvalhas

With enormous beauty and geological character, Quinta das Carvalhas is one of the largest properties in the Douro. Located in Pinhão, its long vineyards stretch down to the river, and the view is breathtaking. The wine tourism program is unique, authentic, and includes a tour of the property, the culmination is a guest house on top of the mountain that provides a unique 360-degree view of the region.

“There was a work of requalification, which transformed this property into an example of wineries in the Douro Valley, where the implementation of a high-quality Wine Tourism in its various programs provides unique experiences to those who visit us taking with them the “Douro Valley” as an enriching experience,” affirmed Álvaro Martinho, Agronomist Engineer at Quinta das Carvalhas.

Álvaro believes that this award can be a leverage for the Quinta which privileged location makes it easier for the arrival and departure of those who want to visit it. With open air belvederes, prepared for full contact with Nature, take the opportunity to get to know the history of the vineyards, and the plants.

Special Achievement Award: World of Wine

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network recognized the World of Wine with a special distinction awarded only once before in the history of the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards for its unique characteristics and significant benefits to wine tourism and the region. The World of Wine represents a visual statement and brings together the best of Portugal and its arts, from wine to fashion, from chocolate to cork. With a wine school and an immersive center, whose focus is to explore the best of the region, wine, and Portuguese traditions, the WOW provides countless unforgettable experiences to its visitors, coupled with breathtaking views. “It’s a new district in the heart of the city that offers the opportunity not only to showcase the best of Portugal with examples such as the cork industry or the local fashion industry but goes beyond the wine experience, the rosé experience or even the drinking vessel. Here we explore the best of Portugal and take that to the world,” explained Adrian Bridge, Founder, and CEO of WOW.

Text by Wine Tourism in Portugal

Photos credits: Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta; WOW; CMPorto/DMTC