Nov 05, 2020

Verona Best of Wine Tourism Award winners 2021

Verona is proud to celebrate its 2021 Best of Wine Tourism Award winners selected in seven categories. High level of expertice and commitment in wine tourism.

Our seven 2021 Best of Wine Tourism Award winners are:


Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat

Just 17 km from Verona city centre, in the heart of Valpantena, DOC Valpolicella area, stands the Locanda Ca ‘del Moro Wine Retreat, between the CRU vineyards and the cherry trees orchard, a tribute to slow tourism inspired by nature and wine.

A revolution that transforms luxury into an experience of total wellness. With its six exclusive rooms, the “wine refuge” is the result of the recovery of the old stables and barn in the village of Erbin, owned by the Gianolli family since the 60s. An eco-resort inspired by nature and wine that transforms luxury into a slow experience, involving all the 5 senses. Ca’ del Moro is an all-round wellness experience, created to offer a complete accommodation service for those who want to get to know the territory of Valpolicella and its wines.


Architecture and Landscapes

Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani

In the heart of the Valpolicella Classica rests the elegant Villa Mosconi Bertani, historic vineyards and birthplace of the Bertani family’s Amarone and Valpolicella wines. Since its sixteenth century origins this elegant estate has been known for the production of fine wines, for the excellence of its walled vineyards, the ample space given for drying of the fruit and the extensive cellars ideal for long-term aging in wooden barrels. In the 1700’s, winemaking and humanist culture came together in the literary salon led by Ippolito Pindemonte, hosted in the frescoed rooms and gardens of the villa. The Bertani family still preserves some of his unique selections of varietal clones and traditional winemaking techniques

The gardens are also quite extraordinary and feature a small wooded area, a pond fed by springs with an island in the centre that is home to tall trees and is accessible by a little wooden bridge.

Wine tourists can take tours of the villa with frescoed rooms, gardens, vineyards, drying rooms, the ancient distillery and the ancient monumental cellar as well.



Ca’ Rugate

Past and future interweave in this winery in Montecchia di Crosara, province of Verona, run by Tessari family since four generations. The pride of its history is witnessed by the Enomuseo Ca’ Rugate, an exhibition of more than 150 tools used by the Tessari family in a century of winemaking activity.

This museum, a site of regional interest, is set in a farmhouse built during the First World War. It documents the production path of the wine, from the arrival of grapes in the farm, up to the aging and bottling. Since 2019 Ca’ Rugate has become Didactic Farm of the Veneto Region, with educational courses for families and schools.


Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

Massimago Wine Relais

Massimago is a magic place since the Roman age, from the latin “maximum agium” = maximum wellness. The property is composed of 30 hectares, 12 of vineyards (organic cultivation). They produce Amarone and Valpolicella.

The innovative and unique element that aims to distinguish them is the new “Make your Amarone” experience, during which the staff, after a visit to the estate and the cellar, will guide the participants in the execution of a personalized blend between the different masses produced from the vineyard, in order to create a unique bottle that will reflect the emotions and sensations experienced, transforming them into wine,  that the guest can bring with him. The common character that will connect all the experiences, will be open air and environmental sustainability, as activities and services will be enjoyed as much as possible in the open air and taking advantage of the green spaces of the estate.


Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

Albino Armani Viticoltori dal 1607

Four hundred years amongst vineyards and a passion for wine. The history of the Armani family and that of viticulture in the Adige Valley, between the provinces of Trento and Verona, have been evolving together, without interruption, for more than 4 centuries. Today “Albino Armani Viticoltori dal 1607” means territory, or rather territories.

The historical property in Dolcè, in the Adige Valley in the province of Verona, is one of 3 wineries located in the region Veneto: one other is to be found in Marano, in the Valpolicella Classico area, and the other in the province of Treviso, in San Polo di Piave, where biodynamic wines are produced. Two other wineries are located in the regions Trentino and Friuli. The five wineries watch over their territories, vinifying the grapes of the surrounding vineyards. In each of them the common thread is a terroir reflecting its specific particular character in the wines springing from its soil. The headquarters remain in Dolcè, where the “Conservatoria”, a project for safeguarding local grape varieties in danger of extinction, can be visited.

The concept of sustainable development and the respect of the land and the community has always been a central focus for this winery. Albino Armani’s philosophy is that  every entrepreneur should give back something to his own territory, in terms of time and investements.


Wine Tourism&Food Tasting

F.lli Fraccaroli Sapori in Cantina

The Agriturismo “Sapori in Cantina” germinated within a centenary wine house. For more than a hundred years, the Fraccarolis have believed in the great potential of the Lugana Terroir. They have proved this potential by preserving a winemaking tradition of excellence. Fraccaroli brothers are able to transform with skill touches local products in tasty dishes, perfectly combined with the wines of their vineyards.

Representing the culmination of a very long path made of reflections, commitment and hard work, Sapori in Cantina demonstrates that it is always possible to transform simplicity in pure elegance.


Wine Tourism Services

Di-Vinum Marketing&Comunicazione

Marketing and communication agency specialized in wine, food and tourism founded in 2010. It is  a team that over the years has developed a working method capable of accompanying its customers in their Marketing, Communication, PR and Press Office needs; from strategic aspects to operational phases.

Di-Vinum demonstrate great commitment and passion in enhancing the combination of wine and food experiences with and the local tourist offer. Aware that theory does not work without good practice, Di-Vinum is a marketing and communication agency deeply connected with its territory and the local professionals of the sector.