Jul 12, 2022

What are the attractions of our regions that make them great wine tourism destinations?

For several years, Switzerland has been developing its wine tourism offer. Despite being a small country, Switzerland is full of diversity, landscapes, and different climates! In addition, the Swiss railway network is particularly developed, which offers ideal travel conditions and allows everyone to move quickly and comfortably around the country!

In October 2020, Switzerland Tourism conducted a study to find out what tourists expect from their autumn experiences when travelling around Switzerland. It was found that people particularly enjoyed discovering regions such as the Valais, Graubünden, Ticino and the Bern region. The milder autumn weather and the palette of colors that nature offers during this period makes people want to enjoy outdoor activities, sports or not. Surprisingly young people also like to combine activity with a culinary experience.

Thus, looking at the results of this study we can argue that the attractiveness of a destination in Switzerland is defined by the possibility to discovery the diversity of a region, with its landscapes, nature, traditions, and gastronomy.

Switzerland and the development of wine tourism perfectly meets the expectations of tourists, particularly in autumn but not only!

When it’s harvest time, what could be better than to experience and discover the art of the winegrowers’ profession and the possibility to exchange ideas over a delicious meal?  With the national event “Au coeur des vendanges”, which literally means: “in the heart of the harvest”, tourists can go to harvest alongside winemakers in the wine region of their choice! They just need to a wine region and the winery they want to visit and enjoy a day under the mild autumn sun! (www.aucoeurdesvendanges.ch). A good way to explore a Swiss wine region and learn more about traditions!

Finally, thanks to the newly launched Swiss Wine Tour platform (www.swisswinetour.com), tourists, or locals who want to go on an escapade around Switzerland, can select wine tourism experiences throughout the country and in any season.

Although still in progress, Switzerland already has an attractive wine tourism offer, which will satisfy tourists’ desires to discover its regions with all their particularities and traditions!


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