Nov 22, 2021

Wine Tourism Champions 2022 awarded in Verona

There are 7 veronese winners of the Best of Wine Tourism Award. The prize-giving ceremony was held at the Verona Chamber of Commerce and crowned the excellence of the territory.
Great Wine Capitals’ Best of Wine Tourism contest awarded Verona’s winners for best wine experiences of 2022. Discover here the list of winners.
2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Architecture & Landscape – Zýmē

Wine Tourism 2022 Verona

The name Zýmē, from Greek, means “yeast.” Yeast is, of course, an indispensible element in the world of oenology. But it also bears a symbolic meaning, since it conjures up the concept of naturalness. This is a fundamental value in Celestino Gaspari’s professional and existential journey. As well as the process of fermenting, understood as a continuous striving towards transformation.
Re-establishing an ideal habitat where man and nature are in perfect symbiosis is the point of both departure and arrival of a new humanism of the earth, of which Celestino Gaspari and Zýmē are promoters. This new worldview has as its objective the establishing of a new relationship with the environment. As a consequence, the man would be the natural guardian of his local corner of earth, the one who protects it.

The cardinal principles of Zýmē’s approach to winemaking are quiet simple. Ecosustainability with respect to vineyard management practices. Transparency of the final product through understanding of its production processes. Respect for the rhythms of nature. The approach is an element and symbol of a simple style of living in syntony with the earth. Tradition and innovation are the two complementary tracks on which Zýmē’s wine production moves forward. Respect for, and attention to the historic wines of the Valpolicella area go hand in hand with innovation and experimentation. With new wines, the local terroir will enhance and renew.

Photos: Courtesy Zýmē

2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Wine Tourism Restaurants – Osteria Preella

Wine Tourism 2022 Verona

A few steps from Lake Garda you can enjoy the cuisine and good wine of Osteria Preella. It was opened by Gruppo italiano vini (Giv) of Calmasino, a leader in the production and marketing of fine wines. Put together a historical venue, the talent of a new generation, the enjoyment of spending time together along with a healthy dash of simplicity and you come up with the Osteria Preella. As laid down in the philosophy of Chef Albini, three or, at most, four ingredients per dish. This brings to the fore these basic components at the same time avoiding waste and representing their originary territory.

Osteria Preella is surrounded by vineyards where Bardolino has been made for decades. It’s a place with its soul in the past but with a flash of modern inspiration. It opens up a path between past and future, creating a new dimension where everything is in harmony. Simplicity and elegance; local cuisine and the desire to experiment; respect for tradition and the boldness of the young. Besides the allure of a restaurant in an enchanting setting of vineyards with ample seating outside, there is also a wine shop and a tasting room.

Photos: Courtesy Osteria Preella

2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences – Rocca Sveva

Rocca Sveva

In the shadow of the majestic medieval Castello di Soave, right up against the castle’s ancient walls, lies Rocca Sveva. This hamlet built in the Middle Ages has been transformed by Cantina di Soave into a prestigious centre of wine culture.

Rocca Sveva offers picturesque cellars, elegant wine shop, flourishing botanical garden, and experimental vineyard. It represents a unique tribute to that culture, with an extraordinary amalgam of history, tradition and quality.

Today, it is the home of the Rocca Sveva wines and classic-method sparkling wines. It is an extremely limited-production of absolute quality products. Quality is what the visitor will find, too, in strolling through the cellars among enormous oak ovals, and endless rows of wine barrels, where the wines rest for many years. Rocca Sveva is not just a place to visit, but it is an adventure that should be personally experienced. It offers many special events, tastings, and a whole host of activities that animate daily life here.

Photos: Courtesy Rocca Sveva

2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Accommodation – Corte San Mattia

Corte San Mattia

Corte San Mattia Agriturismo Verona is located over the hill behind Verona, near the city, among vineyards and olive trees. Thanks to this privileged position it’s possible to admire one of the most evocative view of the historical city centre of Verona. You can sometimes also distinguish the Apennines behind the lowland. The most charming moment is the sunset, which gives to the city amazing shades and the golden sky. These colors make the landscape looks like a painting. Corte San Mattia is also the oldest farmhouse in the city. But it has been able to keep renewing itself, focusing on experiential tourism and wine tourism. The new cellar, recently built, is structured for visits and tastings. You’ll learn here about the history of the company, the practices adopted and the respect for the environment.

The Agritourism has several housing units that offer many solutions for the most demanding guests. There is also the restaurant, where are served typical dishes made mainly with ingredients grown and produced in the farm. In addition to the wines are produced Evo oil, honey, grappa, eggs, goat milk and cheeses, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Photos: Courtesy Corte San Mattia

2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices – Le Morette

Le Morette

Le Morette, Valerio Zenato farm house and winery, spreads over 40 hectares of vineyards divided in three estates in the Lugana DOC area, on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Our company philosophy is based on the solid bond with the territory whose balance is guaranteed by the use of organic amendments and substances of natural origin.

In the vineyard, we choose precise working methods aimed at sustainable agriculture, favouring those natural processes that allow the preservation of the “environmental resource”, with great attention to the use of water. We advocate blossoming and proliferation of numerous species of insects useful for the vineyard ecosystem, maintaining the biodiversity of the flora and the fauna. Entering in the new cellar, inaugurated in 2013, our guest can feel and breath the attention to the sustainability. It is a completely new structure, built with the greatest respect for the environment and surrounded by vineyards. The project focuses above all on agricultural and functional aspects, as well as on environmental awareness, using clean energy from renewable resources.

Photos: Courtesy Le Morette 

2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Art & Culture – Cantina Albino Piona

Cantina Albino Piona

Albino Piona is a family-run winery located not far from Lake Garda and its morainic hills, in the heart of the Custoza territory. Family Piona has been handing on its unconditioned passion towards viticulture since 1893, when far-sighted and ambitious Albino Piona, the great-grandfather, began to set the basis of a project which is still growing nowadays. Silvio, Monica, Alessandro and Massimo, exactly as the previous three generations, decided to manage the winery by keeping high the quality of the product. They invested a lot in the short production chain, fully respecting the environment: every single step, from the harvest of the grapes throughout the storage of the end product, is carried out at the new premises in Palazzina di Prabiano in Villafranca. Cantina Albino Piona

Our family-run winery is open to anyone willing to approach the world of wine: groups of friends, couples, wine fans or wine experts. The tour starts and ends in the area dedicated to wine tasting that from April until October turns into a sort of “art gallery”, where artworks by important artists are exhibited. In this awesome atmosphere you will have the pleasure to taste our wines, paired to typical zeromile products.

Photos: Courtesy Albino Piona

2022 REGIONAL WINNER | Wine Tourism Services – Wine Ticket Experience

Wine Ticket Experience

Wine Ticket allows you to discover the typical local wines directly from those who produce them. With the purchase of a fixed price ticket, you will have access to a catalog of wine-farms where you can go and taste the best wines, easily and without surprises. And if a tasting is not enough for you, in each winery you can buy the wine you prefer and enjoy it at home with your friends.

Photos: Courtesy Wine Ticket Experience


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