The Great Wine Capitals Global Network
a World of Excellence

It is the only such Network to encompass the so-called ‘Old’ and ‘New’ worlds of wine, and it aims to encourage travel, education and business exchanges between the prestigious wine regions of Adelaide | South Australia, Bilbao | Rioja (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Cape Town | Cape Winelands (South Africa), Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand), Lausanne (Switzerland), Mainz | Rheinhessen (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), Porto (Portugal), San Francisco | Napa Valley (USA), Valparaìso | Casablanca Valley (Chile) and Verona (Italy).

Being founded in 1999, the Network has developed and introduced several projects, initiatives and programs with the objective of achieving excellence in tourism, business services and education within the global alliance of its renowned wine regions.

The Great Wine Capitals is a network of major global cities in both the northern and southern hemispheres, which share a key economic and cultural asset: their internationally renowned wine regions.

The ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ Awards:
a reputable, annual contest

This International competition is designed to reward the wineries in each member city and wine region that have distinguished themselves in terms of the excellence of their facilities in various categories from art and culture to sustainable wine tourism, and delivering quality experiences to the public.

Global symposiums and conferences on the challenges facing the wine industry

From the Annual Conference held in a different Capital each year around November, to regional and virtual seminars and workshops, the Great Wine Capitals Network facilitates invaluable technical and commercial discussions to grow individual and collective interests. Through forums, expertise, insights and ideas are shared which advance the wider world of wine.

Technical and /or commercial exploratory tours in the member wine regions

Knowledge-sharing is an important part of the Network, as it is the idea that each city can benefit from the experiences of the other members and from the strength that result from the synergies within the Network itself.

A Great Wine Capitals Travel Network to facilitate travel between the regions, where travel agencies in each city develop custom-made food and wine itineraries

Destination specialists from each member city are gathered to handle all travel requirements to and between the Great Wine Capitals.

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network aims to heighten the wine experience for everyone who visits its regions and cities, and to support their members themselves to make the most of their extraordinary culture, heritage and geographical virtue.

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