The Best of Wine Tourism Awards
The awards of Excellence

The Best of Wine Tourism Awards
The Best of Wine Tourism Awards

Best Of Wine Tourism is our mark of genuine top quality, innovation, a range of services, or an experience that has met our aspirational requirements.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have another motivation behind our Best of Wine Tourism Awards: to benefit the whole global wine industry by raising wine tourism standards year on year.

Great Wine Capitals created and promote these prestigious annual global awards throughout our top wine destinations.

The winners are our guarantee of excellence in wine tourism.

How do our Awards raise wine tourism standards?

Our entrants aspire to win. They compete to be the best and to be rewarded for their considerable efforts and achievements. This pushes everyone in the wine tourism industry to continually improve and to aim high.

Entrants strive to be distinguished by us because an Award from Great Wine Capitals is a reliable badge of quality.

And our winners know it will bring you to them.

So, ultimately, everyone wins.

The Great Wine Capitals Awards of Excellence are given in seven categories

Each Award given recognises an offering or service that is different and excellent, with a positive impact on and involvement in local wine tourism.



This category rewards sites that offer accommodation at the winery and/or accommodation which actively contribute to the promotion of local wine tourism.

From the traditional to unusual accommodation types, the category is open to lodging offers that complement the visitor experience and enrich the regional network.

Wine Tourism Restaurants


This category rewards on-site restaurants, exceptional culinary events, innovative gastronomic experiences, unique food & wine pairings, or themed workshops that highlight the strong connection between gastronomy and wine.

It is open to wineries or restaurants who create an original gourmet experience while promoting the wines of the region and the local wine tourism offer.

Architecture & Landscapes

Architecture & Landscape

This category applies to sites with special architectural features and/or buildings (winery, vats, etc.). Also eligible for this category are properties set in landscapes that offer an immersive experience for wine tourism enthusiasts. These may include parks, gardens, remarkable landscaped settings and/or panoramic or exceptional views of the vineyard or surrounding countryside. This heritage must be enhanced and promoted to visitors to showcase its history and noteworthy features.

Art & Culture

Art & Culture

This category acknowledges wineries and operators that go beyond traditional wine experiences to enrich the cultural environment. This includes sites with special collections of art works (painting, sculpture, photography, engraving, etc.) on permanent or temporary display, particularly during the tourist season.

Also eligible are sites hosting events on a regular basis (several times a year) such as live performance (concerts, dance, theater, creative arts workshops, live shows, etc.…) and/or supporting artist residencies, creating a dynamic environment that enhances broader wine tourism experience and the cultural tapestry of the local community.

Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

Sustainable Wine Tourism

This category acknowledges wineries that apply principles of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) and share these values to visitors.

This category rewards those who not only implement eco-friendly initiatives at the winery (environmental label, eco-responsible values or innovative approach to vineyard management), but also actively encourage the development of local tourism promoting an accessible wine tourism offer for different visitor profiles.

Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

This category rewards unique wine-related activities that provide exceptional and distinctive experiences for visitors.

Initiatives that go beyond traditional offerings, showcasing creativity and adaptability in the rapidly evolving landscape of wine tourism.

This includes sites that have created tourism programs or marketing concepts that stand out from the rest of the industry’s offerings. Candidates in this category must offer a significant, immersive, and original experience to visitors.

Wine Tourism Services

Wine Tourism Services

This category is dedicated to companies who demonstrate excellence in crafting and delivering exceptional wine tourism services. This category celebrates their contribution to providing visitors with insightful, immersive, and memorable experiences that showcase the best of the local wine culture.

These may be:

– Tour operators / individuals / groups of properties who demonstrate excellence in crafting and delivering exceptional wine tours and excursions (offering wine tourism itineraries, programs) enabling visits to several vineyards, or themed products.

– Estates or merchants offering a range of business services for groups and business tourism customers. Prerequisites are required in term of meeting space, number of colloquia, conferences, conventions, and professional events.

– Wine houses, trade associations and wine organizations offering tasting workshops for the public and/or specific promotion of their appellation can also compete in this category.

If you are a member of the wine tourism industry from one of our Great Wine Capitals and want to enter the Awards or find out more, get in touch with us.