Dec 14, 2023

Argentina’s No. 1 olive oil producer is in Mendoza

November, Spring is almost surrendering to the strong summer sun in the olive grower and olive oil producer Laur, located in the department of Maipú, cradle of wine and olive trees in Mendoza.

Founded in 1889 by the French Francisco Laur, the company has been a pioneer not only in the planting of olive trees in Mendoza but also in the olive oil industry.



Discovering the world of olive oil

As soon as you enter Laur,  you find dozens of tourists enjoying a guided tour of the establishment, a unique experience that includes a walk through the farm with centuries-old olive groves, the olive oil production area itself, the acetaia (where Aceto Balsamico is produced) and finally, the visit to the shop, where they will taste veggie pastes, olives, vinegars and all their olive oils. All these products are great gifts to take home to your loved ones!.
Laur receives an average of 250 visitors per day and -starting this year- it also has a restaurant in its premises.


Laur, No. 1 in the world ranking

The current Laur company was bought by the Millan Family in 2010.  In 2021, the EVOO WORLD RANKING recognized Laur as the number one olive oil producer in the world, repeating that recognition in 2022. It was a great accomplishment for the company and for the region as it was the first time that an establishment from outside Europa reached that place.

Currently, Laur holds more than 600 awards and its reputation grows year after year, strengthening its position as one of the top 10 in the world and number one in Argentina.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a super food for children with ASD

This year, Gabriel Guardia, manager of Laur, developed a special batch of extra virgin olive oil from a variety of green olives that contains a high amount of natural antioxidants (polyphenols). With this new product Laur shows its commitment to health, not only for children with this condition, who specially need this in their diet, but also for all those who want to incorporate this superfood and its properties into their lives to prevent health issues like cardiac, cerebrovascular, gastric and memory conditions, among others.


Photo credits: Laur