Jan 26, 2024

Expanding the Possibilities: A Fresh Perspective on Wine Enjoyment in Napa Valley

RD Winery, the first Vietnamese-owned winery in Napa Valley, redefines wine enjoyment, blending Vietnamese heritage with Napa's winemaking expertise.

Expanding the Possibilities: A Fresh Perspective on Wine Enjoyment

Located at the gateway to Napa Valley, RD Winery is one of the first tasting rooms you will come upon as you enter this world-renowned wine region.  RD Winery is the first Vietnamese-owned winery founded in Napa Valley and likely the United States.  Blending the core of Vietnamese heritage with Napa Valley’s expertise in winemaking, RD Winery has not just shaped a unique identity, but has nurtured an atmosphere of inclusivity and community.


Vietnamese owned and operated, RD Winery is broadening the conversation around wine enjoyment and consumer expectations. Blending Asian culture and tradition into the wine experiences through vibrant events, flavorful food and wine pairings, and an open dialogue on the benefits of diversity in wine and its consumption, is intrinsic to the RD identity.


RD Winery Food Pairing Spring Rolls. Photo Credit: RD Winery.


Universally Food-friendly Wine

RD Winery invites guests to its vibrant tasting room, inspired by Ha Long Bay, with a distinct belief that things are delightfully different here. The perspective revolves around the unique identity of RD Winery. In particular, the focus is on the perspective of how food and wine are paired.


RD wines, meticulously crafted by Head Winemaker Timothy Milos, are expressly designed to harmonize with dishes and cuisines from around the world. The winery’s most versatile wines fall under the Fifth Moon label, a homage to the Vietnamese summer solstice holiday, in which food holds a central place. Fifth Moon wines showcase unconventional varieties for California, such as Grüner Veltliner and Malvasia Bianca, perfectly complementing Asian fare like phở, vindaloo, sushi, and more.

RD Winery Food & Wine Pairing. Photo Credit: RD Winery.

Unique Food & Wine Experiences


When patrons visit the winery, they can indulge in the Fifth Moon Food & Wine Pairing Experience, where Asian cuisine takes the spotlight. It stands as the inaugural all-Asian pairing menu developed in the Napa Valley, featuring a rotating selection of vibrant dishes alongside red and white wines. Guests savor a spectrum of flavors, including veggie spring rolls, ginger-furikake-dusted popcorn, and pulled pork sliders with hoisin sauce and wasabi slaw.


A recent addition to the winery’s offerings is the Chocolate & Wine Pairing experience, featuring RD wines and artisanal chocolate truffles infused with the diverse flavors of Vietnam. The collaboration with Socola Chocolatier underscores the philosophy that nothing is off limits, including durian. This pairing serves as a pleasant reminder that there are truly few rules in food and wine pairing.


Beyond these pairing experiences, the winery hosts events deeply rooted in Asian heritage. The winery’s signature summer event, the Summer Moon Festival, pays homage to the Vietnamese celebration of the harvest moon, intended to bring luck to crops. The entertainment is consistently a distinctive fusion of Asian and Napa culture and foods. Similarly, a Lunar New Year celebration in February features a lion dance, local DJ, and red envelopes for each guest—a hallmark of the holiday symbolizing good luck and good fortune for the year ahead.


RD Winery utilizes art and culture to bridge the gap between Western wine tradition and its own Eastern roots, creating inclusive, exciting experiences that attract new audiences to the world of wine.