Dec 06, 2023

The welcoming feeling of Lavradores de Feitoria’s wine tourism services

In this unique project, sharing and associativism join together in a modern, reasonable and smart way to promote the wines and the region.

Lavradores de Feitoria is a wine company in the Douro, which was born based on an innovative business model, with the mission of creating wines based on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The company opened its doors to wine tourism with the construction of the new winery, at Quinta de Medronheiro, in April 2022. Personalized visits are privileged, guided by a host with a deep knowledge of Douro, and expert in telling stories about the vineyard and the wines.

Believing in the transversality and potential of this activity as a channel of communication, Lavradores de Feitoria considers promotion and projection of wines an “anchor” of the entire region, but going far beyond wine: here we are talking about tradition, culture, gastronomy, history or geography.

They provide five types of visits, in three different languages, with wine tastings in a superb room with a panoramic view of the vineyards.

There are also walks around the vineyard where visitors learn more about the region, the grape varieties and the wines thanks to the captivating description, provided with undisguised passion. The walk is completed with a visit to the modern winery, which has an installed capacity of one million bottles.

Visitors can also enjoy a picnic next to the gigantic strawberry tree, which gives the name to the wine estate.

This unique project, also known as just “Feitoria”, was created on September 2000. Resulted from the union of 15 producers, owners of 18 Quintas spread throughout the best terroirs in the 3 sub-regions of the Douro region (Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior). Nowadays the company has 53 shareholders (of which 16 are producers), and 19 Quintas, plus one Quinta do Medronheiro. Together, they have a total area of vineyard of more than 600 ha.

These producers – with distinctive participations in the capital of the company, under one brand, one winery and one team – joined to share resources and create synergies associating knowledge and experiences, innovation and tradition.

Sharing and associativism, concerted in a modern way, reasonable and smart, are the core values of Feitoria. The goal has been, since the beginning, to create balanced and elegant wines that age well, committed with Douro excellence and tradition.



Text source: António Catarino and Lavradores de Feitoria

Photos: Lavradores de Feitoria

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