May 14, 2024

Villa Maria – Casa Sartori 1898: Centuries of Tradition

In Casa Sartori, every detail tells centuries of tradition and passion for wine; The architectural features of Villa Maria, as well as the naturalistic setting of the park in which it is immersed, make it the ideal location for organizing any type of event.
The Art of Classic Veronese Red Wine in the Heart of Valpolicella Hills 

Villa Maria, home of Casa Sartori 1898, is located in the heart of Valpolicella, the historic region renowned worldwide for its wine. It is close to one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, Verona, near to one of the most important lakes, Lake Garda. Also, it is a short distance from the Lessinia mountains. Here, in the vibrant heart of Valpolicella Classica, amid ancient walls and atmospheres rich in history, stands the Historic Headquarters of Cantina Sartori di Verona, Villa Maria, an elegant 18th-century residence recently renovated.

So, a centuries-old park with ancient trees and a charming dwarf sequoia encircles the winery in an oasis of natural beauty that enchants the senses. Within the estate’s walls lies a small, meticulously tended vineyard, whose extraordinary quality grapes produce the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva Corte Brà. At the main entrance, the historic “custodian’s house” has been transformed into a welcoming Wine Shop, a meeting point for wine enthusiasts and curious travelers eager to explore exceptional wines paired with the flavors of the region.

This is Casa Sartori 1898, where every detail tells centuries of tradition and passion for wine. The frescoed rooms of the villa narrate ancient stories. But also the cellar itself, the barrel room, and the drying room for the grapes bear witness to the meticulous production process that has characterized Sartori di Verona wines for over 125 years.

Casa Sartori 1898 - Villa Maria

Seeing where a passion is born can bring great emotions. Today, for guests, the discovery of the cellar begins with a walk through the tree-lined avenues of the park, to reach the historic vineyard. From there you can immerse in the magical atmosphere of the barrels and aging. Moreover, thrilling is also concluding this journey by tasting high quality wines. At the welcoming wine shop, a space where you can learn about and savour all our products, you will also have the opportunity to choose from various guided tasting packages.

Casa Sartori 1898 - Villa Maria

The architectural features of the villa, as well as the naturalistic setting of the park, make Villa Maria the ideal location for organizing any type of event, whether it is romantic weddings, elegant corporate meetings, or cultural salons.

Casa Sartori 1898 - Villa Maria

Photo Credits: Casa Sartori 1898