Bodega Anaia
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Bodega ANAIA

Mendoza | Argentina

Stanning views that are iconic in Mendoza. The entrance is among vinyards that end in the Andes Mountains. The visitors enter Fincas Del Campo where ANAIA WINES is located.

A peculiarity of this farm is its irregularly shaped vineyards like abroken glass, this apparently cap ricious shape responds to the logic of having selected each sector of the farm for the most suitable varieties for that type of soil, according to the Terroir. The Winery and the House are part of the scene, where the visuals towards the Mountain Range and irrigation lagoons are theatrically used. ANAIA belongs to the central oasis system of Mendoza, where water as a resource plays a fundamental role to which we honor. The design of the winery is inspired by the land and landscape of Mendoza, in its mountain topography, in the xerophytic flora of its hills, in the texture and color of its ancient rocks in earthy tones that responds to different strata that were sedimented through thousands of years.

And as wine is born from the soil, ANAIA emerges as a building built in Concrete, which is liquid rock as defined by Le Corbusier. Spatially, the winery is simple and strong, it is a rectangular prism of 11 mts wide by 100 mts. long where the different sectors follow one another in a lineal way, that is: Harvest Sector, Fermentation Warehouse (in tilting concrete tanks), Barrel Warehouse, Bottle Warehouse and Expedition Gallery.

Wine tasting room

On an upper floor built for the Tourism Sector, there is a room with a panoramic view to the Andes Mountains and a balcony overlooking the Tank and Barrel room. On the ground floor, the sector has a Tasting Room equipped with a sophisticated multimedia installation that projects the aromatic descriptors of the wines onto the tasting table. As a synthesis, form, function, integration into the landscape, passive thermal control, economy of water and energy resources, austerity and elegance, etc. They are part of the same architectural concept that defines ANAIA WINES.

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