Regional winner
Art & Culture

Caves Ferreira

Porto | Portugal

Produced in the Douro, Ferreira Port wines are aged in Vila Nova de Gaia, inside Armazém da Cruz, an emblematic space, marked by a history with roots in the beginning of the XIX century. Inside, Caves Ferreira offers rich and diversified wine tourism experiences, alongside cultural events, such as the current Art Exhibition “Espaço para o Corpo” from the Serralves Foundation Collection.
The exhibition takes as its starting point the particular nature of the spaces of Caves Ferreira as a sensory experience and includes 16 works by national and international artists in a reflection on the space and the body.

Avenida Ramos Pinto, 70
Vila Nova de Gaia
+351 223 746 108
41.1369189, -8.619281

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