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Quinta das Carvalhas

Porto | Portugal

Quinta das Carvalhas is a property of enormous beauty and spectacularity whose earliest written reference dates back to 1759. The Quinta is one of the largest properties in the Douro region, located in Pinhão, and its vineyards are placed along the river, occupying across the mountain and extending along the southern slope to the banks of the river Torto.
Due to its extension of 500 hectares, it occupies a strategic position in the Douro Valley and offers unique visibility and exposure to those who visit it. The wine tourism program includes a sightseeing tour of the property, which allows visitors to enjoy a breathtaking landscape, and the guesthouse at the top of the mountain provides a unique 360º view of the region.
The property has a wine shop, collective and private tasting rooms, and exceptional conditions for picnics and outdoor meals.
It also has viewpoints prepared for outdoor tasting, in full contact with nature and the vineyards.

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