Superuco Winery
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Superuco Winery

Mendoza | Argentina

Reflecting the vast Uco Valley through wine is immeasurable. So we think about its purest expressions: we select areas and choose those that we interpret as the most telluric and visceral. Three very small micro terroirs; the most austere lands, those of higher altitude and those that most faithfully express the qualities of this land. They are Gualtallary, in Tupungato; Los Chacayes, in Tunuyán, and Altamira, in San Carlos. Three wild, desert valleys that stretch out like natural paradises in the Andes Mountains, where we harvest grapes that grow on the mountains, between 1,100 and 1,450 meters above sea level. They are areas of poor, alluvial and colluvial soils, formed by the erosion of the mountain range millions of years ago, without organic matter, in which the roots grow hugging the stones, from which they take the nutrients and their unique character. There, the rains are scarce, but the winter snowfalls provide the water that comes down from the mountains to irrigate the plants. And all of our lives. The contribution of calcareous elements and the chalk descriptor are key to the identity of the wines.

Our farms are located in the heart of the Uco Valley, more precisely in the upper and central part of the region. The vines grow there in a dry continental climate, with constant winds that keep the valley and its slopes clean. Being above 1,100 meters above sea level, the plants have cool nights, in some cases very cold, and days with a lot of sun and high temperatures, which makes the grapes thicken their skin, giving the fruit greater intensity in its colors, aromas and flavors. All the farms have soil that is poor in organic matter, formed by large stone skidding from the Andes Mountains. The characteristics of each one of them is decisive in the identity of each of the wines.

Superuco Winery

In the Winemakers Village, Los Chacayes, in the heart of the Uco Valley, it’s found the materialization of our maximum dream: the SuperUco winery, in which we make our wines using always noble materials: concrete and oak. As in nature there are no vertices or straight lines,but everything tends to form circles, we decided to conceive a circular shape design; from the plantation of the vineyards and the organic garden, until the animal pen. Even the winery is an octagon in the middle of the farm, in the main circle, which is linked to the others by trails, just like in our own lives, always intimately related. If the circle is synonymous with perfection in nature, the octagon is the most similar geometric figure to the circle: the path into perfection.

Superuco Winery
Ruta Provincial 94, km 11
5662 Tunuyán Mendoza
+54 261 559 4391
-33.6035057, -69.2280903

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