Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley

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Embark on a wine and heritage adventure in Chile’s Valparaíso | Casablanca Valley, a must-visit wine capital just 45 minutes from Santiago. Immerse yourself in cool climate wines and stunning landscapes, from the charming vineyards to quaint villages like Lagunillas and Las Dichas. Discover Valparaiso’s artistic allure and the coastal gem of Quintay. Taste the hidden flavors of Chilean wines amid urban art and hidden heritage treasures. Join us in this captivating destination for an enriching experience that perfectly blends wine, tradition, and natural beauty. Let the cool climate wines of Chile enchant your senses in Valparaíso | Casablanca Valley.


Turavion, one of the leading tourism companies in Chile and belonging to the Sacchetti family, has mainly dedicated their business to activities purely related to travel agency. During the last 20 years, the company has changed this to develop the Corporate Division as a Travel Management Company. The Incoming Division was created in 1983 which is currently made up of 35 people and the whole company currently has 206 people in total. We provide land services, hotel accommodation, excursions, cruises and wine tours. Quality services at competitive rates. Specialized travel consultants. USD3,000,000 Liability Insurance. Concierge service, 24/7 emergency assistance and own office at Santiago Airport. Qualified local guides provide our clients with a unique local experience.      

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Piso 11, Oficina 1102,

Av. Apoquindo 3000,

Las Condes Santiago – Chile

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