Mar 24, 2023

Wine & Travel Week Premiere Draws Support from the GWCGN and Tourism Industry Leaders

The 19th edition of Essência do Vinho took place from 20 to 26 February 2023 at Palácio da Bolsa, a national monument in the historic city center of Porto, Portugal. The event marked the premiere of its "Wine & Travel Week", the first global wine tourism fair supported by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network and involved twenty-eight exhibiting countries.

More than 750 delegates, including 350 tourism operators, wine buyers, industry experts, and wine and travel enthusiasts from across the globe, attended the week-long fair, establishing a high standard of distinction for future editions.

The GWC Global Network celebrates wine tourism excellence in 11 major wine regions, and offers an international platform for collaboration, the exchange of ideas, and sharing of best practices. Network members work together to enhance their global visibility, support each other’s wine and tourism industries, and encourage sustainable wine tourism practices.

The partnership between the GWC Global Network and the likes of Essência and Tourism Portugal in supporting the Wine and Travel Week’s debut was a natural collaboration, given that Porto, Portugal, is one of the regions represented by the network.

Wine tourism professional Trade Show

This collaboration allowed for an increased international reach, and remarkable opportunities for attendees to connect with the global wine tourism community. The Wine and Travel Week aimed to be a professional and business-oriented event that would also facilitate the sharing of knowledge about a fast-growing sector in the world. The event’s line-up entailed a Trade Show, Forum, Wine Fair, and Experiences programme that offered buyers from multiple markets and journalists various avenues to explore and savour the wines of Portugal and other renowned wine regions. Twenty-two exhibitors from the GWC member cities, seventeen journalists and eleven speakers from GWC were also in the forums.

Wine & Travel Week Forum

The GWCGN’s involvement stands testament to its commitment to being a mouthpiece for merited wine destinations among wine tourism professionals from across the globe. According to managing director, Catherine Leparmentier, GWCs involvement carries much weight as it can continue expanding its wine tourism network and involve associated travel and industry experts, Destinations representatives, Incoming travel agents, winery representatives, and journalists in the event.

“Internationally, wine-related tourism remains a significant industry niche that holds exciting prospects when it comes to setting the standards for innovative offerings, trade excellence and, importantly, sustainability,” says Leparmentier.

Best Of Wine Tourism ceremony at Porto Wine & Travel Week

According to Leparmentier, as a result of the outstanding outcomes of the Wine and Travel Week and the fair as a whole, GWC is contemplating the possibility of renewing its partnership next year. This partnership would provide further support for wine tourism businesses interested in expanding their networks and contributing to the development of the industry.

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