Paolo Arena
Verona | Italy

Paolo Arena

Executive Committee Member
“It is an honour to lead this network in collaboration with all the Great Wine Capitals’ member cities. Our mission is clear: to elevate wine regions worldwide and create growth opportunities for businesses. I am committed to tirelessly raising our Network’s profile in the tourism industry. Together, we will construct a robust future for wine tourism.”


Verona Chamber of Commerce

Great Wine Capitals


  • Communications
  • Destination Management
  • Environment
  • Foreign Trade
  • Media
  • Public Governance
  • Tourism
  • Wine Tourism


  • Political Science and International Relations


  • English
  • Italian


Elected president of the Confcommercio young entrepreneurs in 2004, the following year he already holds the same position at the regional level.

In 2005 he became president of the Verona insurance agents’ union, and joined the board of Verona Trade Association (Confcommercio). He creates the school for young entrepreneurs, attended by all the trade associations.

Since 2009 he is president of Verona Trade Association (Confcommercio).

In 2011 was elected president of the Verona Airport “ValerioCatullo”.

He is member of  the Verona Chamber of Commerce Council, he is also a member of the National Executive Committee of Italy Trade Association  and national President of Fondo Forte, the most important of the interprofessional funds for continuing education.

He is a member of the Great Wine Capitals Executive Committee since 2016 and President of GWC since 2023.