Nov 13, 2023

Creating long-lasting memories in the Verona region, with food, art and nature

Counting hundreds of wineries, the Verona region in plenty of locations where the curious and enthusiasts can engage in varied and intriguing activities. From non-ordinary wine tastings to side experiences, there is something for everyone.
Peculiar tastings with wine, cheese and…chocolate

Wineries put a lot of effort in the designing of events, special occasions and particular evenings. Remarkable happenings can be, for instance, extravagant pairings between food and wine. An example of this, is the evening that has just took place in Cantina Menegotti, in partnership with the organization Compagnia del Cioccolato (trans. “Chocolate’s Company”) . They proposed innovative tastings combining the full, round flavour of cheese, with the smoothness of Menegotti wines, and the sweetness of chocolate. Eccentric tastings resulted from this evening, which led guests to perceive new horizons of taste.

Cantina Menegotti

Photo Credits: Cantina Menegotti










Focus on food

Original activities involving food are the fil rouge of the many ideas wineries have to bring people closer to the world of wine. Specifically conceived for food lovers, Cantina Nepos Villae provides some grilling stations in their garden, perfect for guests who want to enjoy a day with friends, surrounded by the nature of Valpolicella. On the other hand, for those who want to take a day away from cooking, Cantina Nepos Villae has designed a particular menu, with the dialectal calling of “Un Pesse nel Pra’”. This particular menu, combines worlds apparently far away from each other:  hills of Valpolicella, fish and botanical herbs of the area, paired with the wines of the winery. The aim is to provide guests with memorable tastings, combining elements that are seemingly different, but actually perfectly matched: the sweetness of fish and the variable flavours of herbs.

Cantina Nepos Villae

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Art in the winery

Moving on from food related activities, many wineries have adopted a vision which aims to include not only the pure wine product, but also to focus on what makes wine so special: the winery. Cantina Annafrancesca is a virtuous example of this, seeking to bring art within their walls. During the cold months, the winery opens its doors to artists, who lend their creativity for a special evening. Monologues, performances and video installations accompany the tasting of Annafrancesca wines, for an evening of art and good wine. The first event of this new season, which began last October, featured “Teatro in un metro quadrato” (trans.”Theater in a Square Meter”) and an intense monologue.

Cantina Annafrancesca

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Outside the winery: on horseback and…

Numerous activities are organized by wineries, to introduce enthusiasts and the curious not only to the wine they produce, but also to the area where it originates. Among these activities, we can list walks, vineyard dinners, outdoor music and much more. Some wineries however, offer peculiar events. For example, Cantina del Castello proposes a particular way for guests to discover their beautiful vineyard: a horseback ride. This particular activity allows visitors to observe the area from a different perspective, galloping among the vines of the Soave hills. After the horseback ride, Cantina del Castello offers a tasting of their wines, produced in the very land previously visited on horseback.

Cantina del Castello

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For the more adventurous, Borgo Romantico Relais organizes a truly unique activity: a sailing trip. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, guests can learn about the Lake Garda area, which gives rise to the region’s fine wines, directly from the perspective of the lake itself. Thus, guests can sail among the glimpses of the surrounding villages and hills. The area surrounding Verona and its vineyards is rich and offers endless possibilities to combine the art of wine production, with wine-related tourism. Everyone can find the activity that best suits their tastes, thus building memorable recollections.

Borgo Romantico Relais

Photo Credits: Borgo Romantico Relais