May 17, 2023

South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Network

The Government of South Australia is leading the charge towards a greener future with a ground-breaking initiative that will transform the state's transport and tourism landscape.

With an eye towards sustainability, the government has pledged $12.35 million towards the creation of a state-wide electric vehicle (EV) network.

Spread across all corners of the state, South Australia’s 18 world-renowned wine regions have long been a popular tourist destination. However, until now, travel by EV has been challenging due to the long distances involved. But with the new EV network, that’s all set to change.

With over 530 chargers across 140 EV charging stations, the network will enable EV users to explore the state’s diverse regions with ease. The chargers will be located in a variety of convenient locations, including supermarkets, carparks, town centres, council-owned sites, hotels, and motels. Main roads and regional thoroughfares throughout South Australia, including all 18 wine regions, will be covered by the charging network.

Regional towns hosting charging sites will make it easy for motorists to overcome range anxiety, encouraging visits to those regions.

Construction of the South Australian EV network has already begun, with completion expected by early 2024. The network will be a game-changer for the many South Australian wineries and tourism accommodation providers who have already invested in EV charging infrastructure. And for visitors to South Australia, planning their route using the Royal Automobile Association of SA’s (RAA) EV charging locator will be a breeze.

This visionary initiative is being delivered in partnership with the RAA, cementing South Australia’s reputation as a leader in sustainable transport and tourism.

With the new EV network, tourism in South Australia is well on its way to a cleaner, greener future.


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Photo – Andrey Moisseyev (via iStock)