Dec 20, 2023

Swiss Cultural Encounters

Artist Bernard Garo embellishes Blaise Duboux's Dézaley Grand Cru Haut de Pierre 2021 label, encapsulating the resilience of Vaud winegrowers in a rare edition of only six hundred bottles. ANIMA, a collaborative project, melds winemaking and art to craft iconic wines, epitomizing the distinct personality of each vintage through original works, creating a unique multi-sensory experience.

Blaise Duboux et Bernard Garo

Artist Bernard Garo has created an original work to adorn the label of Blaise Duboux’s Dézaley Grand Cru Haut de Pierre 2021.

2021 was a challenging year for Vaud winegrowers. Intense frost, heavy rain and hail greatly affected the harvest, particularly in Lavaux. In Epesses, Blaise Duboux’s organic vineyard had to contend with both mildew and a collapsing Dézaley stone wall. The harvest was small in quantity, but fantastic in quality. He therefore decided to pay particular attention to his Dézaley Haut de Pierre, letting it evolve twice as long as usual. Bottled only in spring 2023, a year and a half after the 2021 harvest, the resulting wine is both a marvel and a rarity: only six hundred bottles of the Domaine’s flagship Dézaley Grand Cru Haut de Pierre are produced, instead of the usual four thousand or so.

To enhance the value of this rare wine, a survivor of the climatic ordeals it has endured, he called on the services of painter Bernard Garo. The Nyon-based artist, who is also a visual artist and photographer, has been dedicating his work for years to societal and, above all, environmental issues: if one makes wine with nature, the other makes art with nature. Bernard Garo has created an original work to adorn the label of Dézaley Grand Cru Haut de Pierre 2021.



They are winemakers, oenologists, artists and musicians. What unites them: friendship, a mad passion and the sweet dream of creating together an original project around wines with a unique soul. Under the ANIMA banner, their wines are intended to be a multi-sensory experience at the crossroads of different modes of artistic expression and the senses.

By combining various artistic vectors with wine, their project is not only a bridge between these two fascinating worlds, but also a way of enhancing the tasting experience towards a 360° awakening of the senses. Their aim: to create iconic wines of emotion, sublimated by original works of art, in a dialogue capable of expressing through each cuvée the singular personality of the vintage that created them.

ANIMA expresses what synthesizes the transcendental experience of wine. A nod to Aristotle’s major work “De Anima”, which lays the foundation for knowledge of the 5 known senses, the 5 letters that make up ANIMA undoubtedly refer to what science struggles to theorize through the complex sensation of what emanates from a great wine: an acceleration of the pulse, a pleasure that mobilizes the intellect, an ephemeral emotion that has a lasting effect on the soul.

As each vintage is different, their ambition is to give birth each year to unique cuvées that respect as faithfully as possible the specific personality of their vintage. That’s why, by nature, each year they christen their wines with a distinctive name, a new visual identity and an original sound signature. It’s a way of enhancing the wine-tasting experience by offering a multi-sensory universe that accompanies the wine, as if to affirm its personality.



Vignes&Culture, 20 exclusive meals and shows in Switzerland!

In 2021, Agence ACP came up with the idea of creating small, exclusive events during the summer. The aim: to bring together a small number of people outdoors at some of the finest wineries in French-speaking Switzerland, to offer them a unique, intimate experience. Vignes&Culture has proved to be a great success, with over 4,500 spectators enjoying a close-up experience with artists more accustomed to the big stage than the pruning shears.

The Vignes&Culture concept is very simple: they welcome you to an exceptional environment for around three hours, with 40 to 45 minutes of shows, and the possibility – depending on the packages on offer – of eating and tasting the estate’s wines. Their artists are close to you, combining sharing, culture and a love of good food.

Vignes&Culture was awarded Best of Wine Tourism 2023 in Switzerland, in the Art & Culture category.


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