Nov 09, 2023

Yoga along the Wine Paths, a unique experience to elevate your spirit

The multiple benefits of this ancient practice are indisputable, both for body and soul.  In Mendoza, nature enhances this activity in an environment of clean air framed by vineyards, valleys and mountains. Wine completes this  “spiritual” experience.
Yoga along the Wine Paths is a wellness proposal that brings the practice of this ancient discipline closer to the wine world, thus linking our emblematic beverage with the concept of wellness. Through the association of both universes: “Yoga” and “Wine”, it provides a cultural, entertaining, spiritual and social sport alternative, generating a comprehensive experience. The cycle has obtained the award as an innovative experience in the Best Of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism contest.
The organizers of Yoga along the Wine Paths share and promote the idea of living with greater awareness of oneself in connection with the environment, linking the participants to the pleasures of life. Alejandra Navarría is from Mendoza and loves its landscapes. She is proud of offering this unprecedented and profound wine tourism experience.
Yoga seeks the union of body, mind and soul through asanas or postures (movements synchronized with breathing). It boosts body oxygenation and induces concentration and meditation. The active and dynamic practice of the discipline allows obtaining a serene mind and a strong, flexible and healthy body. It provides benefits at the level of muscles, skeleton, organs, circulatory system and energy level. It is recommended to treat chronic diseases such as stress, tension, and heart conditions, among others. In addition, it contributes to self-knowledge, awakening consciousness and moving through life in a state of peace and harmony.
Itinerant yoga circuit for groups in Mendoza wineries
In a setting of nature and vineyards, Yoga along the Wine Paths offers an annual agenda of practices in different wineries and wine lodges. The proposal is a comprehensive group class followed by a brunch or a delicious tea time. It guarantees unforgettable moments of relaxation and connection between those who share the experience.  The inner connection and the pleasures of life are enjoyed equally. The scenarios vary depending on weather conditions and time of year.
Exclusive and tailor-made experiences
Besides the proposed scheduled, it is possible to organize tailor-made sessions. The practice provides a relaxing space for groups attending conferences, fairs, trainings or business meetings. It can also be a good option  for companions during their free time. These are original meetings, tailored to incentive groups, national and foreign tourists, private companies, couples or friends celebrating a special event. As part of this experience, the organizers also offer the gift card service to give a magical experience (in person or online).
Yoga retreats
These programs  take place in intimate spaces filled with positive energy. Yoga along the Wine Paths has designed spaces for unique, special moments of personal discovery. All alternatives will fill your  soul with beauty,  introspection, yoga practices, sounds, meditation, relaxation and the contemplation of the beautiful Mendoza landscapes.
Alejandra Navarría is the author, producer and general director of this project. She has a Bachellor degree in Social Communication with special focus in institutional press, public relations and event organization with more than 26 years of professional experience. She is a communicator and journalist linked to Gastronomy, Tourism and Wine. She is an Integral Yoga teacher, with a title endorsed by the Mendoza Yoga Alliance, the Argentine Yoga Federation and the International Yoga Federation. She is a certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor from the Program of the Kundala Group.
Text and Photo Credits: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Mendoza, Alejandra Navarría