Mar 16, 2024

BAM La Voie des Sens – Train du Vigneron: Pioneering Sustainable Wine Tourism in the Scenic Vineyards of Lausanne

Hidden within the breathtaking vineyards of Lausanne, Switzerland, you'll find BAM La Voie des Sens – Train du Vigneron. This trailblazing wine tourism experience has recently swept across global headlines, thanks to its unique and sustainable approach. The venture offers a delightful blend of history and gastronomy – a memorable train journey that pairs mouthwatering gourmet meals with local wines. Its efforts have not gone unnoticed, as it was recently crowned the Global Winner at the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, an event orchestrated by the respected Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

Annually, the network’s Best Of Wine Tourism Awards honour outstanding achievements in wine tourism across seven categories, which include accommodation, dining, innovative wine tourism experiences, and sustainable wine tourism practices. La Voie des Sens‘ victory in the Sustainable Wine Tourism category is a testament to its dedication to responsible wine tourism, setting an impressive standard for the industry.

So, what makes La Voie des Sens a paragon of sustainability? Their holistic approach permeates every facet of the experience. The antique train carriages have been painstakingly restored and preserved, demonstrating a balance between heritage conservation and resource efficiency. By sourcing local, seasonal ingredients from neighbouring farms and artisanal producers, they minimise their carbon footprint while boosting the local economy.

This accolade also reflects not just the commitment of an individual winery, but a broader ethos that is gaining traction in our region: the concept of “slow tourism.”

Slow tourism is not merely a trend; it’s a sustainable approach that encourages visitors to take their time, to engage more deeply with their surroundings. It’s about giving regional products the spotlight they deserve, about taking a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of local artisans and the richness of their produce.

Moreover, La Voie des Sens integrates eco-conscious practices throughout its operations, ranging from waste minimisation and energy efficiency to responsible water management.

The association brings together 20 local artisans, spread along the historic railway line between Morges and Bière. They all offer products and services in short circuits, convinced of the incredible potential of their regional terroir. No product offered on these outings comes from more than 30km away.

Participants in the “Train du Vigneron” outings enjoy an unforgettable 3-hour experience. The food and wine pairing proposed is accompanied by the vintages of a different winemaker on each outing. Guest winemakers are present on the train to showcase their wines and share their passion with passengers. A rare moment of contact and exchange.

The success of La Voie des Sens is a powerful endorsement of its steadfast commitment to proximity and their innovative approach to wine tourism and paving the for the future


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