Jul 11, 2024

La Casa Cosme Palacio – A Sojourn into Timeless Elegance and Exclusive Hospitality

Located in the heart of Spain's renowned Bilbao-Rioja region, La Casa Cosme Palacio offers a luxurious retreat for discerning travellers seeking an exceptional wine tourism experience. This distinguished "by invitation only" accommodation seamlessly blends the rich historical heritage of the Cosme Palacio winery—founded in 1894—with contemporary luxury, providing guests with an immersive journey through the region's storied past.

La Casa Cosme Palacio stands as a cultural emblem of the Bilbao-Rioja region, reflecting a deep commitment to preserving and celebrating its winemaking heritage. As a vital cultural hub, the property weaves together the historical narrative of the Cosme Palacio winery with the opulence of modern amenities. Guests can explore the property’s historical features, including twenty vintage tanks and six galleries of ancient ashlar stone caves, offering a unique glimpse into the winemaking traditions that have shaped the region.

The transformation of La Casa Cosme Palacio from a historical winery into a lavish sanctuary has resulted in nine exquisite rooms and four suites. Each accommodation offers an unparalleled view of the enchanting Ebro Valley, creating a perfect blend of historical charm and modern elegance. The property’s conversion highlights its role in supporting regional winemakers and elevating the profile of Bilbao-Rioja’s wines and cultural wealth.

Casa Cosme Palacio's wines combine elegance, a fruity character and aging capacity,

Casa Cosme Palacio’s wines combine elegance, a fruity character and aging capacity,


At La Casa Cosme Palacio, every guest experience is meticulously crafted to foster a deep connection with the region’s wine culture. The mantra “be my guest” comes to life through the exceptional service provided by a dedicated Guest Manager and a professional Butler. Personalized stays include bespoke wine tastings, gastronomic adventures featuring the finest regional produce, and exclusive tours of the Cosme Palacio winery and vineyards. Guests can also indulge in wellness services designed to provide the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation.

La Casa Cosme Palacio offers a plethora of bespoke wine tourism activities that cater to the desires of travellers. Tailored wine tastings, gastronomic explorations, and access to special wine events and exclusive tastings are just a few of the experiences that immerse guests in the extraordinary world of exceptional wines. These activities not only enhance the guest experience but also support local winemakers and promote the region’s rich cultural heritage.

La Casa Cosme Palacio offers simplicity and ease of spending time with your friends and family

La Casa Cosme Palacio offers simplicity and ease of spending time with your friends and family


The recognition of La Casa Cosme Palacio as the Global Best of Wine Tourism 2024 winner in Rioja-Bilbao underscores its unwavering dedication to delivering a memorable wine tourism experience. Every aspect, from the intricately designed rooms and suites to the genuine hospitality of the staff, reflects the property’s significant impact on the wine tourism industry. This accolade is a testament to La Casa Cosme Palacio’s influential role in magnifying the cultural and oenological significance of the Bilbao-Rioja region on the world stage.

For luxury and exclusive travellers seeking a unique and enriching experience, La Casa Cosme Palacio offers a timeless journey into elegance and exceptional hospitality.


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