Jun 05, 2024

Macerado: The gastronomic canvas of Casablanca Valley

In the heart of the Casablanca Valley, "Macerado" stands out as a culinary temple that has evolved over more than a decade, adapting to the times and changing along with its diverse clientele. Since its founding in February 2007, Macerado has cultivated a rich tradition of Chilean cuisine with an organic and locally sourced focus. This distinctive approach has allowed the restaurant not only to survive but to thrive in a highly competitive sector, thanks to its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Philosophy and The Wine Usage

The history of Macerado is deeply rooted in the land of Casablanca. The property that houses the restaurant was acquired by the Donoso Vásquez family in 1988, who restored it and opened it to tourism in 2001. In 2007, the Macerado project was realized, focusing on Chilean cuisine with gourmet touches, evolving into what is now known as “Casablanca Origin Cuisine.” This concept is based on the use of local products, many of which come from its own organic garden established in 2009.

Wine has always been a cornerstone at Macerado, located in one of Chile’s most important wine regions. From the outset, the combination of perfect pairings with a deep understanding of the terroir and the history behind each wine has been essential. The wine experience at Macerado is not only educational but also a celebration of local viticulture.

The values that guide Macerado are clear: the love and passion for excellence, teamwork, humility, professionalism, responsibility, a sense of belonging, respect, and honesty. These principles not only define the work philosophy but they also reflect in the experience of every customer.

A Decade of Dedication

Since its opening, Macerado has been a bastion of family and origin-based Chilean cuisine. For over ten years, it has sought to contribute to the happiness of its customers through a culinary offering that reflects the richness of the Casablanca Valley. This commitment to tradition and quality is reinforced by the use of local and organic products, supplied by boutique producers in the region.

Macerado’s target audience has been dynamic over the years. Before the pandemic, the clientele was divided into 60% national tourists and 40% foreign tourists. During the pandemic, this proportion changed drastically, reaching 80% national tourists. In 2024, the balance has returned to 70% national tourists and 30% foreign tourists. The age diversity of visitors ranges from young adults to seniors, with a marked difference between weekdays, dominated by corporate and tourist clientele, and weekends, where families, including children, take center stage.

The gastronomic industry is known for its challenges, from human resource management to adapting to external crises such as earthquakes and pandemics. However, Macerado has overcome these obstacles through continuous training, technological innovation, service diversification, and a focus on customer loyalty.

Macerado’s Standard

Macerado maintains its standards through a rigorous selection of the best raw materials, predominantly organic and locally sourced. This ensures freshness and quality in every dish. Additionally, the team of gastronomy professionals -that’s constantly trained- guarantees the implementation of modern techniques and hygiene and preservation practices.


One of the most memorable moments was in 2013 when Macerado was awarded by the Circle of Gastronomic Critics of Chile as the best regional restaurant. This recognition highlighted the restaurant’s ability to offer a unique gastronomic experience, rooted in the flavors and traditions of the Casablanca Valley.

The recognition from Great Wine Capitals is a testament to Macerado’s commitment to excellence. This prestigious award not only validates its trajectory but also opens new opportunities to develop strategies that strengthen its market position and promote the Casablanca Valley as a renowned gastronomic and wine tourism destination.

The Future for Macerado

Innovation is key for Macerado. Efficient long-term management, maintaining an attractive, varied, and innovative menu. Marketing is a strategy that has been fundamental to remaining relevant. “We have learned that it is not limited to external advertising but to everything our customers perceive. This is how our customers continue to see Macerado, how they feel it, how they smell it, and how they touch it (for example, through our Organic Garden), and this translates into what we are marketing. And there it becomes marketing” says Cristián Donoso, Manager of Macerado Casablanca.

 Macerado is not just a restaurant, but an experience that encapsulates the essence of the Casablanca Valley. With its focus on origin-based cuisine, a deep respect for local products, and an unwavering passion for quality, Macerado continues to be a beacon of gastronomy in Chile, ready to face future challenges while honoring its roots.

For those interested in good food and wine, Macerado is an unmissable destination, where each visit becomes a journey through the flavors and stories of a region rich in tradition and excellence.

Cristián Donoso

Cristián Donoso, Agronomist, Founding Partner and Manager of Macerado Casablanca


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Photo Credits: Macerado.