Jun 01, 2023

Matetic Winery: An innovator at the forefront of sustainable wine tourism practices

Situated in Chile's Rosario Valley, Matetic Winery is a boutique winery known for its production of cold climate Syrah since 1999. It’s the winery's steadfast dedication to sustainable wine tourism practices that truly sets it apart, a commitment that recently led the Great Wine Capital Network to name Matetic Winery as the Global Winner for Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices at the 2023 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards.

“Our team is honoured to contribute to a global initiative that endeavours to enhance the appreciation for wine tourism,” says Matetic Winery’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Carlos Ocampo. “The distinction of receiving the 2023 global award for Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices resonates with our core principles. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities to engage with the public and continue endorsing the positive evolution of this burgeoning industry globally.”

Beginning with its viticultural practices, Matetic Winery employs an organic and biodynamic approach, eschewing synthetic chemicals for natural alternatives. This enhances the health and resilience of the vineyard’s ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in the production of their quality wines.


Matetic Winery has a peaceful atmosphere to get away

Enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Matetic Winery

But Matetic’s sustainability practices extend beyond the vineyard. The Chilean winery, designed with environmental harmony in mind, uses materials that respect the natural surroundings. Energy-saving measures have been incorporated into the design, reflecting the winery’s philosophy of sustainable wine production.

Ocampo says: “We believe that producing quality wine and at the same time showcasing an environmentally responsible and educational tourism are this industry’s way of showing we are fully committed to sustainability”.

At Matetic Winery, visitors are invited to experience first-hand the winery’s exceptional wines. A newly introduced tour offers an educational exploration of sustainable viticulture and winemaking. Guests will gain insights into the interaction between the vineyard’s terroir and grapevines, learn about their meticulous grape selection process, and understand how each bottle of wine is a testament to Matetic’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.


Matetic Winery has a peaceful atmosphere to get away

Picturesque view from Matetic Winery

In an era increasingly aware of human activities’ impact on the environment, Matetic Winery stands as a shining example of sustainable practices. Their organic and biodynamic winemaking produces exceptional wines and paves the way for a more sustainable future for the wine industry. Through their educational tours, they share their knowledge and passion, inspiring a new generation of wine lovers to adopt sustainable practices.


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Find the winery at Fundo El Rosario s/n, Casablanca,Valparaíso, Chile.
For more information on their tours, call +56 2 2611 1520 or email


Photo courtesy of Matetic Winery