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Art exhibits at El Enemigo Winery, in El Chachingo’s Divine Comedy

Casa Vigil, the legend of Chachingo

Casa Vigil is located in the beautiful town of Chachingo, in the heart of Maipú. This winery offers an unforgettable experience, where wine and literature blend into a unique wine tourism outing. Alejandro Vigil takes you to the magic world of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in his Casa Vigil, a non-traditional art gallery reminiscent of Dante’s fantastic realm.

Our Art Exhibitions are mounted in a culturally rich setting, along a familiar ambience surrounded by nature

Casa Vigil belongs to the internationally acclaimed Alejandro Vigil, agricultural engineer of great renown. It offers locals and visitors a charming experience originating from the fusion of Maipú’s distinctive landscape—as one of Mendoza’s traditional winemaking regions—, innovative architecture, and an inviting menu with homemade flavors. Every dish is carefully prepared with fresh produce from the family’s orchard. Their highly rated wines are the winery’s greatest treasure—a place where art and history are the cornerstones of this marvelous sensory experience.

Dante’s epic poem is the conceptual inspiration that fills every corner of the winery. At the Republic of Chachingo visitors are invited to tour Dante’s Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. The sentence to be served, however, is different from the one imposed by the famous Italian poet. Here, in Maipú, visitors are lured into the most exquisite combination of flavors and the whole portfolio of Enemigo wines.

Under the eyes of Dante, Vigil invites us to a world of pure fantasy, driven by the senses and run by him and his family. The great winemaker opens his very own house, welcoming visitors into his private life.

A modern avant-garde architecture guides visitors through Dante’s poem. Three rooms with connecting tunnels lead the way to the Inferno, a provocative and seductive place filled with wine barrels and art pieces. After roaming over the corridors of Purgatory, the walk finally takes us to Paradise, where a delicious homemade lunch with reminiscences of family recipes is paired with Enemigo wines –items of cult among wine enthusiasts. Dantesque literature is in the air and evokes an overall cultural feel around the winery –which has now become a favored spot for local artists, where they freely display their magic with endless possibilities.






Culture is at the heart of this winery. Musicians, actors, artists, national and international historians come from all over the world to visit Casa Vigil –now referred to as the “House of Art”. Embellished by its art pieces and delicious wines, visitors leave the winery captivated by the streets of Chachingo, its beautiful weather and friendly people: a first-hand experience of Mendoza’s emblematic winemaking region.

Casa Vigil stages a different art exhibition each season of the year. Every solstice brings a new exhibit. The only requirement: displaying Mendoza’s truly local art.


Thus, Casa Vigil becomes a local art gallery open for the world to see the magic and talent of Mendoza’s artists. Art exhibits endow the winery with a friendly ambience where shapes and colors bring about an enticing atmosphere.


This is a non-conventional venue, where painters and sculptors have the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity. They are allowed to use and transform every corner. This makes each exhibit unique. No two art shows are the same. The entire winery becomes a venue for an endless art intervention, where, in turn, each piece of work must blend into the natural setting and become a whole with its surroundings; bewildering visitors from all over the world.


Every new season, local artists freely devote themselves to interpret Dante’s Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise.



About Art Exhibitions


Each exhibit displays jointly the works of a painter and a sculptor for a 3-month period, transforming the winery setting of Casa Vigil into an ever-changing unconventional art gallery. Casa Vigil has staged unique art exhibitions since 2015. Some details include:

Exhibitions at Casa Vigil are pre-scheduled, and currently booked until summer 2019.
Within 2015, our opening year, over 10,000 people visited Casa Vigil art exhibits, including local people and tourists from all over the world.
Ever since, visits to Casa Vigil’s art exhibits have increased: 15,000 in 2016 and 25,000 in 2017. So far this year (2018), 20,000 visitors have already enjoyed the exquisite local art.
Our Inferno also displays a permanent collection by artist Osvaldo Chiavazza.
Our permanent collection evolves after every exhibit, acquiring new works of local artists invited to our art shows.
An outraging virgin by Sergio Roggerone, features a transgressive representation of Our Lady of Carrodilla holding a glass of wine, inviting visitors to move from the Inferno into Purgatory.
The growing inflow of tourists who visit the winery give local artists a valuable opportunity to sell their art pieces.
Casa Vigil buys all the art pieces that make up their temporary exhibitions.
Temporary Exhibitions will travel to national and international museums, art galleries and wineries to promote local artists as part of our cultural heritage, and to promote Mendoza as a tourist destination.
Visitors can enjoy art exhibits and embark upon the Divine Comedy tour:

Monday thru Saturday from 09.30 to 11.30 AM and from 12.30 to 3.30 PM.
Sundays from 9.30 to 11.30 AM.


Chachingo residents can access free of charge. The idea is for exhibitions to promote local development and to endow the rural local people with a sense of belonging.
Artists also commit themselves to promoting the local development of the Chachingo community, by carrying out special activities at José Alvarez School. In 2017, they painted two classrooms.
In 2019, Casa Vigil artists will host art workshops for children.
In 2018, Casa Vigil won the ‘Best Of’ Gold Award in the category ‘Best Winery Restaurant’, at the Best of Wine Tourism Awards.
In 2018, Casa Vigil won the ‘Best Of’ Gold Award in the category ‘Best Sustainable Practices’, at the Best of Wine Tourism Awards.

Casa Vigil
Videla Aranda 7008
5515 Maipú Mendoza
+54 9 261 4139178
-33.0445174, -68.7263553

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