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Abrasado Restaurant – Bodega Los Toneles

Mendoza | Argentina


Los Toneles offers a universe of experiences regarding wine. The proposal based on creating spaces where locals and tourists can taste wine and live and experience from different perspectives. Wine blends with history, culture, gastronomy and of course enjoyment and celebration. We strive to receive every guest with an excellent service and kindness.

What makes us different:

  • Urban winery near Mendoza downtown
  • Cultural heritage
  • Multispace
  • Constant innovation
  • Passionate and skilled staff
  • Art gallery

Our place speaks of Mendoza, of a hard working immigrant family , a story of a valuable heritage and of our wines. The concept lies in interpreting the winery as a space which welcomes guests to connect with the amazing wine world: to get to know its production process, taste different varietals, have lunch and dinner at our restaurant Abrasado, and plan corporate or private events in our Great Hall.

Our tours and tastings convey the richness and complexity of wine and its history. We communicate moments, people, stories, land, groups of working people, passion, generations and commitment. It is an industry that requires lots of key factors to be able to develop: the clemency of the weather, of our soil, the Sun and the hands of people.


We mingle emotions

As every family who is proud of its home, Bodega Los Toneles enjoys welcoming guests to celebrate and enjoy moments of pleasure, business or relaxation. Our history and tradition combine with an avant-garde and cosmopolitan proposal.

Since our restaurant offers product – based cuisine, it strives the excellence of its ingredients. Abrasado guests can enjoy meat, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices which all come from our own fields and vineyards. With a cared origin, these products enhance flavors and scents of the Argentinian countryside.

Abrasado – Patio

The excellence of our dishes is founded in the traceability of the products. The iconic Argentinian meat,  is the star of our restaurant. Quality is guaranteed in all the stages of production and distribution; starting with the calf’s rearing that comes from our own farms in the South of Cordoba. Cattle are raised naturally, which outcomes in cuts of outstanding quality and tenderness. Then, it is slaughtered in our own facilities with optimum conditions of care and control. Health standards, prioritized with certificated controls by official organisms. After that, the cuts are distributed daily to our kitchens, carefully dry aged, reaching Abrasado’s special beef cut, and then served to our guests.

Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Beef stands as the signature method of Abrasado. This exclusive treatment of ageing improves the meat flavor, tenderness, texture and juiciness. It consists on keeping the best beef cuts in a created special cooling system microclimate: 1-3 degrees Celsius temperature, 50% to 70% humidity and controlled airflow. This process takes a minimum of 30 days following certain steps:

  • As days go by, the lactic acid that the animal produces at the moment of slaughtering is eliminated, thus creating more tenderness.
  • Meat enzymes disintegrate the connective tissues of the muscle producing a softer texture.
  • This process, as it is dry, allows the liquids to evaporate and creates an external hard layer, removed at the moment of cooking. Such layer protects the core meat and allows more complexity, intensifies the color and concentrates the flavors.


Abrasado Restaurant – Aged meat

Lateral norte, Acceso este 1360 (5519) Mendoza
+54 261 4310403
-32.896224119075, -68.817334017533

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    • Opening Hours: Tue to Sat / 10 am to 2 am / Sun 10 am to 5 pm
    • Opening Days: Mon to Sun
    • Months Closed:
    • Languages Spoken: English and Portuguese
    • Guided Tours: Yes
    • Wine Tasting Provided: Yes
    • Groups Accepted: Yes
    • Appointments Necessary: Individuals Yes, Groups Yes
    • Wine Information Center: Yes
    • Wine / Gift Shop: Yes
    • Disabled Facilities: Yes
    • Food Facilities: Yes
    • Accommodation: 
    • Conference Facilities: Yes
    • Special Events Facilities: Yes