Bouche a Oreille
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Bouche à Oreille

Lausanne | Switzerland

Twelve authors (from France, Belgium, Canada, Cameroun and Switzerland) have let their imagination flow in order to tell the story of twelve cépages. These literary creations are presented while tasting wonderful wines from far and near.

Therefore, it with active taste buds and alert ears that you need to encounter this presentation and to let yourself guided by this original duo, a composition between wine tasting, theater and literature, in a friendly atmosphere.

Since its inception in May 2017, this show has been played over 150 times in over 80 different locations in Switzerland, France and Belgium. We have played in cellars, theaters, gardens, apartments, libraries and during various cultural events.

This is a wine-tourism project which comes to you and which can promote all terroirs, all wine growers, all cultures. At all times and in any setting.

Bouche à Oreille
Chemin du Poubloz 7
1926 Fully
+41 79 411 81 61
46.1515958, 7.1358738

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    • Opening Hours: Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening
    • Opening Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday mornings, Saturday Afternoons, Saturday Evenings, Sunday mornings, Sunday Afternoons, Sunday Evenings
    • Months Closed:
    • Languages Spoken: French, Spanish, German, Italian
    • Guided Tours:
    • Wine Tasting Provided: Yes
    • Groups Accepted: Yes
    • Appointments Necessary: Individuals Yes, Groups Yes
    • Wine Information Center: Yes
    • Wine / Gift Shop:
    • Disabled Facilities: Yes
    • Food Facilities: –
    • Accommodation: –
    • Conference Facilities:
    • Special Events Facilities: Yes