Casa Naoki
Regional winner

Casa Naoki of Dartley Family Wines

Mendoza | Argentina

Casa Naoki is the exclusive guest house of Dartley Family Wines.

In a setting surrounded by a natural environment, in perfect balance with the native flora and integrating its vineyards into the space, Casa Naoki offers an intimate and memorable experience. It has comfortable luxury, alongside the most impressive view of the Andes Mountains.

Casa Naoki by Dartley Family Wines

In line with the latest global trends, luxury services are away from urban centers and private villas become the boom of the hospitality industry. Casa Naoki joins the “private housing” movement and takes it to the next level. It combines service, assistance and luxury amenities matching the best five-star hotels and offers exclusive availability of the entire property for those who book for their stay. It is worth noting that the boom of “private housing” is even greater today since the hospitality industry is also involved in this so-called “new reality” after pandemia.

Casa Naoki is committed to ensure safety and sanitary protocols, without leaving aside any services, in a relaxed environment and free from any pressure. For safety purposes, guests choose the property, since here they may avoid sharing the same place with unknown people. CasaNaoki guarantees getting to a whole new world.

The specific location of Casa Naoki is revealed to guests just moments before their arrival. It is essential for us not to show the exact location of the place on the website or social networks to preserve safety, exclusivity, and isolation of the property.

Casa Naoki has a minimalist style consisting of straight lines. The building comprises two-volume house and four-volume terraces for common use. The decoration shows gray tones in both, the stones that cover the exterior and in the carpentry details. The edification has straight, making the design easy to trace, clearing the view. It shows the evident dichotomy produced by concave and convex shapes you can see in the vineyards of Finca Naoki as you go all the way from the estate to the house.

Inside, the desingners adopted the same minimalist style and straight lines of the building. Earth tones and shades of green and blue. Wooden furniture, noble fabrics and textured corduroy completely fill Casa Naoki with warmth. Natural materials such as unpolished wood, granite and marble are always present. Lightning also plays a vital role at Casa Naoki. All lights, including the ones outside, are embedded in the ceiling so that the singular view from the inside is not blocked. The house design guarantees that each room has a view to the Andes Mountains (including the bathrooms.) Once you leave the reception, the Andes Mountains and the guest become one.

Casa Naoki – view from a room

Art also plays a main role in the integration of nature at CasaNaoki. An exclusive selection of female artists from Mendoza cured some paintings of the local landscape. The color palette evokes the seasons of the year (well defined in the vineyard.)

Naoki means “tree shelter” in Japanese and, as if that were a motivation for the future. Dartley Family Wines honors the meaning of that name every day. At Finca Naoki, we study the native plants and work with them in a “service culture” between the vine and flora, without weeding or stripping down the environment. Chamomile, thyme and jarilla (the main feature of the estate) help to eventually enhance the vine and the wines.

Casa Naoki – back


Ruta 40 S/N Agrelo. Luján de Cuyo (5509)
+54 9 261 6919840
-33.1198186, -68.8798408

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    • Opening Hours: 24 hs
    • Opening Days: Mon to Mon
    • Months Closed:
    • Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
    • Guided Tours: Yes
    • Wine Tasting Provided: Yes
    • Groups Accepted: Yes
    • Appointments Necessary: Individuals Yes, Groups Yes
    • Wine Information Center: Yes
    • Wine / Gift Shop:
    • Disabled Facilities: Yes
    • Food Facilities: Yes
    • Accommodation: Yes
    • Conference Facilities: Yes
    • Special Events Facilities: Yes