Cave Des Lauriers
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Cave des Lauriers

Lausanne | Switzerland

~~Welcome to the Cave des Lauriers in Cressier – Switzerland!

~In 1879, Clément Ruedin, issued from a “bourgeois” family of Cressier, bought in front of the castle a big and beautiful house with cellars. This historical house has been built in 1505. Since that time, 5 generations succeeded and managed the wine family business. Nothing has changed in this tradition today. The know-how and expertise got during the decades are present in our products and services quality.

Today is the business under the expertise of two cousins Jean-Marc Jungo and Christian Fellmann both coming from the Ruedin family.

~Since 1995, the “Cave des Lauriers Jungo & Fellmann” becomes a art gallery during 3 weekends. “Arte & Vini” is the link between our wine passion and the excellence of an invited artist. The artworks are presented in our different cellars which creates a very nice atmosphere.

This exhibition gives the opportunity to everybody to discover or rediscover our cellar and to taste some of our products.

Caves de Lauriers
Rue du Château 6
2088 Cressier
+41 32 757 11 62
47.052291, 7.037773

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    • Opening Hours:
    • Opening Days: Saturday mornings
    • Months Closed:
    • Languages Spoken: French, German
    • Guided Tours: Guided
    • Wine Tasting Provided: Yes
    • Groups Accepted: Yes
    • Appointments Necessary: Individuals Yes, Groups Yes
    • Wine Information Center: Yes
    • Wine / Gift Shop: Yes
    • Disabled Facilities: Yes
    • Food Facilities: No
    • Accommodation: No
    • Conference Facilities: Yes
    • Special Events Facilities: Yes