Regional winner

Hotel Boutique La Casona, Matetic Vineyards

Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley

Hotel Boutique La Casona is a rescue of traditions and a decision to preserve the rich history and culture of this place. Being the main hose and after that the administration building of this land over 100 years ago, our hotel is a quality remake of and old typical colonial house. With 10 bedrooms, a large living room, a beautiful inner patio and private outdoor terrace’s, we believe peace and nature is all you need when choosing your accommodations. 5 bedrooms looking to our gardens and lagoon and 5 bedrooms looking straight into one of our Sauvignon Blanc plantations offer quiet places to enjoy the simple things in life. Our pool area turns into a perfect place to enjoy our sparkling wine or your preferred option in calming and integrated space.

Matetic Vineyards is a complete immerse into the Chilean countryside with traditions and innovation working hand in hand in a harmonious and sustainable way. We practice a fully certified organic and biodynamic culture in the making of our wines and the many other agricultural activities within our land, like blueberries, olives, nut trees and many others. We are proud to invite our customers into a world where we feel responsible to custom the Rosario Valley and in that same way make our visitors part of that experience through our half board and full board programs at our Hotel La Casona. In these 10 bedrooms, surrounded by 100 year old walls and high ceilings, our main goal is to offer a place of silence, nature and harmony were our human experience co exists with nature in a balanced way. In this sense our visitors will live a very special integrative moment with nature through our biodynamic tour where they will understand the reason behind our beliefs and the responsibility, we fell every day with this land. Our 5 course meal paired with our awarded biodynamic wines will introduce them into a world where sustainability is the perfect pairing for quality wines and where our food will showcase not only our naturally grown ingredients but the traditions and history of the Chilean culture in a modern way. Finally, beyond delicious wine, food and education, we open the doors of this unique piece of land through short and long excursions around the extensive 10,000 hectares withing the property where our visitors can witness themselves the preservation of our valley and the full commitment we have with planet earth.

Fundo El Rosario s/n, provincia de San Antonio, Valparaíso, Chile
+56 9 92542282

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  • Disabled Facilities: Yes
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Food Facilities: Yes
  • Conference Facilities: Yes
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish