Le Morette
Regional winner
Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

Le Morette

Verona | Italy

Le Morette, Valerio Zenato farm house and winery, is spread over 40 hectares of vineyards divided in three estates in the Lugana DOC area, on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Our company philosophy is based on the solid bond with the territory whose balance is guaranteed by the use of organic amendments and substances of natural origin.

Le Morette

In the vineyard, we choose precise working methods aimed at sustainable agriculture, favouring those natural processes that allow the preservation of the “environmental resource”, with great attention to the use of water. We advocate blossoming and proliferation of numerous species of insects useful for the vineyard ecosystem, maintaining the biodiversity of the flora and the fauna. Entering in the new cellar, inaugurated in 2013, our guest can feel and breath the attention to the sustainability. It is a completely new structure, built with the greatest respect for the environment and surrounded by vineyards. The project focuses above all on agricultural and functional aspects, as well as on environmental awareness, using clean energy from renewable resources.

Photos: Courtesy Le Morette


Viale Indipendenza, 19D
37019 Peschiera del Garda (Verona)

+39 045 7552724
45.4447803, 10.661106

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