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Matervini Winery

Mendoza | Argentina

Matervini is the new  wine adventure of Santiago Achával and Roberto Cipresso.

It was born in 2008, in an attempt to answer the question “what’s next after Malbec?” Our answer was, “More Malbec! From different places, with different personalities.”. This venture shows how different wines from completely different terroirs can be born from the same grape variety. Matervini travels the long path that goes from traditional to unexplored areas. It goes from young to old geologies and from alluvial to non-alluvial soil structures.

It is a path that starts with Wine made in traditional Mendocinian soils in the Uco Valley, then Canota, crosses the Calchaquies valleys and ends in the traditional Mendoza terroir: Lujan de Cuyo. Here, on this last soil, stands the building where six wines of the same intensity and different geologies are made. The winery has an annual production of 40,000 bottles among all the labels.

At Matervini there is a firm conviction: not only what is done matters, but how it is carried out. Thus, its creators set out to adjust the company to the canons that support ecology and guarantee the well-being of the environment.

The basis is to start from an idea that encompasses all the activities of the winery: the composting of all organic waste is returned to the vineyard; the winery has passive and natural mechanisms that minimize energy use, and all electricity used throughout the year is renewable.

The innovative building has all the necessary devices to achieve efficiency and intelligence in the use of natural resources that are part of the process and winemaking. A sophisticated system of photovoltaic solar panels allows the generation and provision of electrical and thermal energy in an optimal amount and continuously, without the need to resort to traditional energies.

Is the first winery in Argentina that has one hundred percent of its energy budget covered.

Bodega Matervini – Solar panels

The idea of ​​terroir, compost, organic waste is to return to the earth all the ingredients that improve it naturally and that will once again be part of the production. In this way, Matervini restores the fertility of the soil year after year without chemical additives.

The architecture of the building has passive and natural mechanisms that minimize energy use. All the glasses are DVH for better thermal insulation. All the walls are covered by mesh in which vines grow. This natural solution generates environments that are cooled in summer thanks to the shade. In winter, instead, the walls are heated by the seasonal removal of the leaves allowing access to sunlight. This is what is known as green intelligence at the service of thermal management.

Vertical gardens

Bodega Matervini – vertical gardens

Like this, Matervini combines a sustainable architectural design with the generation of renewable energy. It is coherence with the philosophy that characterizes the project. Not only what is done matters, but also how it is carried out in the wine-making process. The green certification of the enterprise does not exist in a paper but in the mode of production that guides all the staff of the winery. “At Matervini we like to lead by example, we tell what we do and this inspires visitors; we fundamentally believe in leadership through example ”, affirm its creators. In this way, the eminently natural oenological process becomes a magnet of attraction for tourists. They visit the building intrigued by this mode of production whose ultimate goal is to take care of everyone’s home, on a journey of wine fascination.


Cobos 2142. Lujan de Cuyo (5509)
+54 9 2616168279
-33.0588745, -68.9124854

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    • Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm
    • Opening Days: Mon to Sat
    • Months Closed:
    • Languages Spoken: Spanish, English and Portuguese
    • Guided Tours: Yes
    • Wine Tasting Provided: Yes
    • Groups Accepted: Yes
    • Appointments Necessary: Individuals Yes, Groups Yes
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    • Wine / Gift Shop:
    • Disabled Facilities: Yes
    • Food Facilities: –
    • Accommodation: Yes
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