Rocca Sveva
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Rocca Sveva

Verona | Italy

In the shadow of the majestic medieval Castello di Soave, right up against the castle’s ancient walls, lies Rocca Sveva, a hamlet built in the Middle Ages which has been transformed by Cantina di Soave into a prestigious centre of wine culture.

With its picturesque cellars, elegant wine shop, flourishing botanical garden, and experimental vineyard, it represents a unique tribute to that culture, with an extraordinary amalgam of history, tradition and quality.

Rocca Sveva

Today, it is the home of the Rocca Sveva wines and classic-method sparkling wines, an extremely limited-production of absolute quality products. Quality is what the visitor will find, too, in strolling through the cellars among enormous oak ovals, and endless rows of wine barrels, where the wines rest for many years. Rocca Sveva is not just a place to visit, but it is an adventure that should be personally experienced, as it offers many special events, tastings, and a whole host of activities that animate daily life here, to the delight of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Photos: Courtesy Rocca Sveva

Via Covergnino, 7
37038 Soave (Verona)

+39 045 6139845
45.420601, 11.2508326

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