Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani
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Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani

Verona | Italy

In the heart of the Valpolicella Classica rests the elegant Villa Mosconi Bertani, historic vineyards and birthplace of the Bertani family’s Amarone and Valpolicella wines. Since its sixteenth century origins this elegant estate has been known for the production of fine wines, for the excellence of its walled vineyards, the ample space given for drying of the fruit and the extensive cellars ideal for long-term aging in wooden barrels. In the 1700’s, winemaking and humanist culture came together in the literary salon led by Ippolito Pindemonte, hosted in the frescoed rooms and gardens of the villa. The Bertani family still preserves some of his unique selections of varietal clones and traditional winemaking techniques

The gardens are also quite extraordinary and feature a small wooded area, a pond fed by springs with an island in the centre that is home to tall trees and is accessible by a little wooden bridge.

Wine tourists can take tours of the villa with frescoed rooms, gardens, vineyards, drying rooms, the ancient distillery and the ancient monumental cellar as well.

Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani
Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani
Località Novare, 1
37024 Arbizzano di Negrar VR
+39 0455709086
45.5038465, 10.9459443

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    • Languages Spoken:
      English, Spanish, German, Italian
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    • Conference Facilities: Yes
    • Special Events Facilities: Yes