Villa Calicantus
Regional winner
Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

Villa Calicantus

Verona | Italy

Villa Calicantus is a small biodynamic winery in the heart of Bardolino wine area. At the center of their work there’s the production of great natural wines. Daniele, the winemaker at Villa Calicantus, guides our visitors in an emotional and illuminating journey of various aspects that can affect the work both in the vineyard and cellar of a small biodynamic winery.

Their vineyards have been worked in organic since the first year of production, 2011. Thereafter they started to work in biodynamic in 2014, as a result of a new awareness of the necessity to complete the natural path started few years before. In the winery they do not interfere with modern oenological methods like changing color, alcohol, aromas or other parameters because their goal is to try to preserve the original characteristics of the grapes and then of the wine.

Via Concordia, 9 - 37011 Calmasino di Bardolino (Verona) - Italy
+39 3403666740
45.5208811, 10.7528081

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  • Disabled Facilities: No
  • Accommodation: No
  • Food Facilities: Yes
  • Conference Facilities: No
  • Languages Spoken: English, French