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Mendoza | Argentina

Wine making is an art. Each bottle of wine tells a story, and through it we can understand a terroir, its culture and its people.

Sofía Ruiz Cavanagh´s, Wineobs founder and director, eager to know all those stories led her to discover every corner, every winemaker and each soul involved in the elaboration of wine. All these characters capture the expression of the place in each glass of wine. They are the ones that that turn a visit to a winery into a memorable experience.

Sofia Ruiz Cavanagh, Director of Wineobs

After 10 years making wine and visiting wineries and vineyards, her growing passion became a lifestyle. Today, she shares all her experiences to the rest of the world.

For this reason, she decided to create an online platform. She is a great promoter of spreding local initiatives and invites the world to visit us and delight with the Argentine experience. After a while, thanks to the contribution of other travelers the on line community started to grow. Wine enthusiasts began to share their comments and experiences on the platform and was consolidated.

Our website is a meeting point. It offers multiple facilities to travelers: it brings together Argentina’s wine tourism options in one place.

Wineobs experience

Different alternatives to customize the trip. It gives the possibility of designing a personalized itinerary or buying a touristic package. Wineobs is a platform where wine experts and beginners find their ideal trip.

To make the task simple of finding that perfect experience, we order and classify all the toursitic information. It is organized according different criteria, such as the wine regions and type of experience: bike tour, cooking class, blind tasting, family friendly, picnic, art and wine, horseback riding, sunset, tango and gastronomy among other. We also have an interactive map of wineries. The geolocation allows  a better understanding of each region and an easy finding of each winery.

All these tools are accompanied with photos, testimonies and comments of other visitors, making the organization of a wine trip on a pleasant moment. Therefore, the traveler starts enjoying the trip since its planification.

Wineobs is an invitation to experience the world of wine and explore these inexhaustible universe of moments and pleasures. The world of wine is waiting for us! #BeWineobs


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