Mainz | Rheinhessen


With its over 500-year history, nearly 36,000 students and 8,700 employees, the Johannes Gutenberg University forms the scientific centre of the Mainz and Rheinhessen region.


With vineyards covering an area of 26,500 ha, Rheinhessen is Germany’s largest wine-growing region. Most of all, it is the Riesling wines from the Rhine and the hill country that are causing such a stir of late. Also, Rheinhessen's classic Silvaner grape has once again become a topic of discussion. Along with Riesling and Silvaner, the white Pinot varieties are also gaining favor. Red wine grapes have doubled in acreage over the past ten years.


Rheinhessen occupies a broad triangle between Mainz, Worms and Bingen, bounded on the north and east by the great bend in the Rhine. The area around Bingen and the terraces of the Rhine are marked by sloping vineyards, while the Wonnegau and the hill country draw their charm from the broad horizons, the rich soils and the wealth of their terroir in this fascinating cultivated landscape.


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