Jun 14, 2023

Wine Future 2023: Addressing Challenges, Inspiring Solutions

The Wine Future event, scheduled for November 7th to 9th, 2023, promises to be an enlightening and transformative experience for wine industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. This prestigious conference, held in Coimbra, Portugal, brings together renowned experts, speakers, and influencers to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the wine industry in the modern world.

The fourth edition of Wine Future aims to tackle the pressing challenges confronting the wine industry today by bringing together influential figures and experts from various sectors. With a focus on offering solutions and inspiration, the conference will address key issues including engaging new consumer demographics (Millennials and Generation Z), embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, navigating an unpredictable global economy, countering competition from alternative beverages, and enhancing communication and promotion strategies for wine and related activities. Attendees can expect valuable insights on addressing these challenges while simultaneously driving sales growth.


What else is on the programme?

The conference will feature renowned keynote speakers, including experts from the wine industry, leaders from various fields, and individuals with a passion or connection to the wine industry. It aims to provide strategies and ideas from different industries that can be applied to the wine industry.

In addition to the conference sessions, there will be tastings of wines related to the conference topics. These tastings include showcasing the quality of Portuguese wines, particularly premium and iconic wines, as well as other fortified wines from Portugal. There will also be master classes to highlight the excellence of Portuguese still wines and their diverse indigenous grape varieties.

Hospitality events are an integral part of the conference, aiming to foster interaction, networking, and business opportunities among participants. These events include an official dinner, a welcome cocktail, an official lunch at the trade show area, and complimentary coffee breaks for delegates, speakers, and sponsors. The events are often hosted by supporting organizations or sponsors at notable venues.

The conference is organized by Chrand Events, a team of professionals with experience in organizing world-class events involving renowned individuals from various fields. Vinhos de Portugal (Wines of Portugal) is the co-organizer of Wine Future 2023, building on their commitment to promoting the quality of Portuguese wines internationally.


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