May 08, 2024

House of Tequila (Pernod Ricard Group) improves its performance thanks to digital technology from Mendoza.

Digital transformation is a necessity for companies that want to compete in today's world. This transformation covers various areas of its operations. The company Moondesk from Mendoza has developed a solution for the design of labels and packaging on a large scale that improves operational efficiency and promotes better coordination between collaborators.

This solution is being adopted both by companies in Mendoza and around the world with notable results. Testimony of this has been given by the House of Tequila belonging to the Pernod Ricard group, a leader in the spirits and liqueurs producing industry.

In its search for a new, more agile, digital and sustainable way of working and promoting a more collaborative and healthy work environment, it decided to incorporate the MoonDesk platform into its daily operation. This cloud-based software enabled design and production teams to collaborate more efficiently and transparently at all stages of the label and packaging creation process. The triple positive impact of implementing MoonDesk at House of Tequila has been notable. In addition to a reduction in costs by USD 150,000 in the first year of implementation, and improving efficiency (they reduced revision time by 80% and eliminated destruction due to errors), and the quality of work, it has contributed significantly to well-being of the employees. By simplifying and streamlining work processes, MoonDesk has made it easier to reduce workload and associated stress, allowing employees to enjoy a greater work-life balance.

Another matter to highlight is the change in the organizational culture of House of Tequila. The company has fostered a culture of collaboration, innovation and continuous learning, through the data provided by the platform, which has increased the motivation and commitment of staff to the company. This type of change, with strong support from leaders, demonstrates that beyond improvements in efficiency and productivity, technology can have a transformative impact on people’s well-being, promoting a healthier, more collaborative and rewarding work environment.

Investing in technology for digital transformation is not only a smart business strategy, but also a decision that can significantly improve the quality of life of employees and promote greater well-being throughout the organization. Moondesk has great experience working with the wine industry from Mendoza and is open to assist other companies around the world.

About MoonDesk

MoonDesk is an Argentine technology company that has developed a unique platform, designed for the Mass Consumption industries. It optimizes and simplifies the labeling process, helps teams avoiding the loss of their packaging files by keeping them secure and accessible at all times. It facilitates the integration of internal and external collaborators and the review and approval of Adobe Illustrator and .pdf documents, under an organized and traceable process. More information at


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You can watch the Video with the interview of Gonzalo Yáñez and the Pernod Ricard team here.

Information, images and video from Gonzalo Yañez, CEO, Moondesk