Jul 27, 2023

Service staff : an essential lever for Vaud wines

At the instigation of the State of Vaud in Switzerland, the Vaud wines promotion office, the Changins School and GastroVaud have developed a course dedicated to Vaud wines for service staff. The first pilot session took place on June 19 and July 10, with almost 20 participants.

Unite Vaud’s restaurant and catering industry around the love of Vaud wines.

This is the objective set by the transversal working group. Service staff, in the field on a daily basis, are a central lever for the presence of local wines in the restaurant trade. It’s by working with them, offering them support, discovery and a sense of attachment to our vineyards and our products, that Vaudois wines will have a greater presence with the end consumer.

Project ambitions

  • Offer high-quality, attractive basic training for service staff
  • Create a community through an alumni system to maintain contact with service staff
  • Support restaurant managers with advice on their margins and raise awareness of the importance of collaborating with local players.

“This course is designed to be practical and field-oriented. It is designed to appeal to both service staff and restaurant managers, covering aspects such as knowledge of Vaud wines and the terroir, as well as topics relating to storage, service, food and wine pairing and margin improvement”, explains Romain Cellery, head of the CHANGINS Wine School and head of the Swiss Federal Sommelier Diploma.

The project is currently being tested, and two sessions are being organized this summer to get concrete feedback from participants. The first has just finished, and the next two-day session will take place on August 28 and September 11. The aim is then to adapt the course in line with the feedback, before rolling it out on a wider scale in 2024, with the ambition of training 250 people a year.

“The course is very interesting, enabling you to discover and/or deepen your knowledge of local wines. It combines theory and practice, with fun tasting sessions. It also deconstructs any misconceptions you may have”, say Jean-Rodolphe and Sarah, participants in the first session.


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