Aug 24, 2023

Viti Vini Vici

How does art fit into the public sphere? What is its potential for interaction? Since 1990, with over 120 works, Visarte Vaud has annually explored this relationship through its "Espaces d’une sculpture" (Spaces of a Sculpture) in the canton of Vaud.

The City of Lausanne, through its Parks and Domains Service, and the Visarte Vaud association, through its “Espaces d’une sculpture,” are joining forces in the context of the exceptional arrival of the 2023 global wine tourism and viticulture symposium of the Great Wine Capitals network. On this occasion, the Mon-Repos Park will host a temporary outdoor contemporary art exhibition on the theme of wine.


The Visarte association brings together visual artists, architects, and independent curators in Switzerland. Its objective is to defend the interests of its members at the political, legal, and social levels. Founded in 1866, it has thousands of members and includes around twenty regional groups, including Visarte Vaud, which stands out for its characteristics.


Great Wine Capitals
As a city in a wine-producing region, Lausanne joined the prestigious international network of Great Wine Capitals in 2018. This network brings together twelve major international cities, such as Bordeaux in France, San Francisco in the United States, and Adelaide in Australia, that share a significant economic and cultural asset—their globally recognized wine regions. Every year, a meeting is organized in one of these cities. Symposia and conferences are conducted by experts in wine tourism and viticulture. From October 22 to 26, 2023, Lausanne will host the Great Wine Capitals and will have the honor of representing the entire Swiss wine region.


Mon-Repos Park
Mon-Repos Park is one of Lausanne’s iconic parks, of national historical importance in the history of garden art. In the mid-18th century, Abraham Secrétan built a house in a rural and vineyard environment at the city’s doorstep. From 1817 to 1843, Vincent Perdonnet transformed the former estate into a remarkable picturesque-style garden, which became a public park in 1910. Today, this socially and culturally valuable park is surrounded by a wooded enclosure, creating a cherished open space atmosphere within the city. Due to the landscape and architectural significance of the garden and structures, the entire Mon-Repos Park has been classified as a historical monument since 2003.


Following a national call for projects, “Viti Vini Vici” explores the theme of wine through projects by 7 Swiss artists, whether members of Visarte or not. Their works aim to question and enrich our perception of the regional wine heritage. They engage with and reinterpret traditions, symbols, and expertise related to vineyards. Each project has been specifically designed to coexist and interact with the environment of the Mon-Repos Park. These artistic proposals thus invite visitors to take a stroll, explore nooks and crannies, and be surprised by the artistic interventions that punctuate this green haven, of national historical importance in the history of garden art.

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