Mario Agliati GWC
Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley

Mario Agliati

Executive Committee Member
Mario Agliati is a highly accomplished economist and financial administrator with extensive experience across various sectors. His impressive career includes roles such as Deputy Finance Manager at Sedylan S.A and Manager at Banco del Pacífico. Currently, he plays pivotal roles in the wine industry, serving as President of both the Association of Winemaking Entrepreneurs of the Casablanca Valley and the Chilean Chapter of the Great Wine Capitals. He actively contributes to enotourism and corporate governance, holding positions on boards such as Alfa Chilena S.A. Additionally, Mr. Agliati has a distinguished history of community leadership, having served in prominent positions including President of the Association of Banks of the V Region and Vice President of the National Chamber of Commerce of Chile. His contributions have garnered global recognition, including prestigious awards like the Order of Vasco Nuñez de Balboa.


Association of winemaking enterpreneurs of the Casablanca Valley

Association of Winemaking Enterpreneurs of the Casablanca Valley


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