Plan your wine tour in the city of Mendoza and discover a wide variety of accomodation for every budget and travelling style. 

The City of Mendoza may be accessed either by air, or by land on the National Routes 7 and 40. It takes less than 2 hours from Buenos Aires and 45 minutes from Santiago, Chile. Visitors can chose between luxury lodges, International chains, B & Bs, golf resorts, farm accommodation or boutique hotels. In Mendoza, visitors can enjoy a unique and diverse dining experience, from sidewalk cafes to gourmet restaurants. The Province also offers adventure activities such as rafting, skiing, canopy, trekking, horse riding or gourmet tours, cooking classes, shopping... Art and Culture are also part of the region appeal.  Come to Mendoza and enjoy your trip!



Ketek Eventos & Turismo supports the development of wine tourism. We are committed to providing quality services throughout the region, with programs focused on fostering new proposals for travelers with a passion for “the wine experience”. We help visitors to get involved in the world of wine and culture and to take part in wine linked activities while visiting the Province. We excel at welcoming visitors - individuals as well as groups - looking for a destination with tailor made services.


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