The international ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards were announced during a gala dinner at the Palais de la Bourse on November 7, 2019. The ceremony marked the end of the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Great Wine Capitals in Bordeaux, France as the Network celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Le Marathon des Châteaux du Médoc is known as the world’s longest marathon. The route is the official 42,195 km distance of course, but for some it is a lot longer thanks to the many distractions on the route.

The ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ People’s Choice Award is an offshoot of the ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards.  The accolade, created in 2018, gives wine tourists from all over the world the opportunity to vote for their favorite wine tourism experience from among the latest winners of a prestigious ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ award.

What are the ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards?

Vignerons de Tutiac

Les Vignerons de Tutiac” go one step further regarding environmental preservation. Bordeaux’s leading cooperative winery is committed to an Agri Confiance® approach that encourages an environmentally friendly viticulture. 

Château De La Dauphine

At Château De la Dauphine, visitors can immerse themselves in the French way of life by climbing aboard a legendary Citroën 2 CV! The "Heritage Tour" starts in the park of the property, with a guide who will give you an insight into the history of the property and Fronsac.

Château Malromé

Steeped in history, artistic creation and gastronomy, Château Malromé is also the historical residence of the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Awarded the label "Maison des Illustres" in 2016, this 16th century castle celebrates the life and artwork of the illustrious painter. 


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