Solo Contigo


A unique concept that combines tradition and innovation.

SoloContigo Wines, located in Los Chacayes, Mendoza at the foot of the Andes Mountains, is a “must visit“ in the world of Argentine wine. 

Awarded Best Winery Restaurant in the World by the Best Of Great Wine Capital Awards in 2020, our cuisine is based on a sustainable concept of natural seasonal ingredients allowing our guests to experience the best of Mendoza, one of the Great Wine Capitals.

Climate change is one of the main challenges facing humanity since it is expected to be an environmental, social, and economic threat. The olive tree and the vine are perennial crops where the yield and quality of their products (wine and oil) are greatly influencedby climate, making them very susceptible to global warming. The increase in temperatures will lengthen the vegetative period of vines and olive trees and all their phenological stages will spread, including maturation, thereby causing an imbalance in the composition in warm areas and affecting the quality of wines and oils. For this reason, the agricultural and oenological sector faces enormous challenges, forcing them to adapt to future changes.

Mendoza counts around 150 wineries open to the public during normal times. Many of them are focusing on sustainability, committing themselves for the current and future improvement of their surroundings. We would like to inspire you by sharing some leading cases worth highlighting!


Santa Julia represents our commitment to achieve the highest quality levels by sustainable practices that contribute to protecting the environment and being useful to the community.

Santa Julia is the top organic producer of Argentina. We own more than 700 hectares located in different areas of Mendoza: Valle de Uco, Santa Rosa and Maipú.

There are key elements to take into account for the development of a wine tourism destination to its full potential. Here we will list the fundamental requirements and we will tell you why Mendoza is one of the Great Wine Capitals of the world and a destination you cannot miss!

Wine making is an art. Each bottle of wine tells a story, and through it we can understand a terroir, its culture and its people.

Sofía Ruiz Cavanagh´s, Wineobs founder and director, pursuit to know all those stories led her to discover every corner, each maker and each soul anxious to capture the expression of the place in their wine, and to transform the visit to their winery into a memorable experience.

The importance that gastronomy and wine have gained today has led to reassess its service and management. They are key points that imply the professionalization and training of all the staff involved. Just as chefs create original dishes, beverages are the domain of sommeliers. They are in charge of proposing an attractive offer that enhances the menu and meets guests’ expectations. Sommeliers are also responsible for its management in optimal conditions, as well as for advising and serving guests for them to have an unforgettable and pleasant experience. The other side of their service is to generate income from sales and build customer loyalty through careful attention and advice.


Mendoza has a long tradition of cultivating knowledge related to wine and its professionals have received international recognitions that highlight the level of their preparation.

Mendoza is looking for ways to continue developing its wine and tourism industry despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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