There is a new generation of Winemakers, young people who were born in the digital era.

Declared National Historical Monument in July, 2019 and located in  the District of General Alvear in Mendoza, Bodega Faraon was a technologically advanced winery, built during the mid 20th century.

Customer Service in Wine Tourism: Luxury of Time

 We live in a world where time has become the most valuable resource, so much so that we speak about the luxury of time, and we carefully choose where we invest it. Consequently, and talking about hospitality, our clients measure their experiences in terms of how much they have enjoyed (or not) the time they spent in a winery experience rather than in doing anything else. It is no longer just about iconic wines, stunning architecture, top notch wine glasses and silverware or even, breathtaking landscapes. Now, more than ever, it all narrows down to people.

Our World has suddenly entered a difficult period. The covid-19 virus is changing our lives, our habits, our families, our businesses...

Vendimia (Wine Harvest Festival) is the largest national festival in Argentina and has been celebrated since 1936. Nowadays, the central act of this celebration is an imposing allegorical show with great choreography framed in a display of light and sound that takes place on a
130-meter stage wide at the Frank Romero Day Amphitheater nestled in the middle of the hills surrounding the city of Mendoza.


A slower pace of life at Postales Uco Valley


There’s something very special about waking up in the Uco Valley. The gentle whispering of mountain breeze rushing through the leaves of the alamos trees and the grapevines, the golden sunrise which casts a glowing light on the Andes mountains in the distance, and the calm feeling the overcomes you in this most peaceful corner of the world. It’s the sort of wake up you want to linger over for hours, and one of the most peaceful places to gently wake up in the Uco Valley is this year’s Accommodation Winner in Mendoza — the beautiful boutique hotel of Postales.

Mendoza’s hotels and wineries have a major landscaping and architecture advantage: the natural backdrop of the Andes mountains and carpet of green vines make most buildings look fabulous. In fact, the greater challenge for architects in Mendoza is finding the right balance of respecting the stunning natural landscape and blending modern architecture into such a striking backdrop.


The prizes that take place in the main wine regions of the world were awarded in the Cultural Hall last September. The gold winners of the different categories participated in the international awards in Bordeaux in November this year.

What could feel more Argentine than drinking Malbec while watching a polo match in the glorious Mendocinean sunshine? Each harvest in Mendoza there’s the chance to do just that as one of Mendoza’s oldest wineries, Escorihuela Gascon, hosts their annual Vendimia Polo Open championship.

The ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ People’s Choice Award is an offshoot of the ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards.  The accolade, created in 2018, gives wine tourists from all over the world the opportunity to vote for their favorite wine tourism experience from among the latest winners of a prestigious ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ award.

What are the ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards?


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