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Within the framework of Annual General Meeting organized by Great Wine Capital, Casa Valle Viñamar receives recognition in Sustainable Wine Tourism Experiences category at  International 2020 Best of Wine Tourism Awards.


Winebox Valparaiso is a project that was born with an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, the hometown of its creator, Grant Phelps. Already based in the historic neighborhood of Cerro Mariposa for several years, Grant felt the need to replicate in some ways the post-earthquake reconstructions in his adopted port.


It is a concept of wines of a unique character, based on REcreate and REinvent, ancestral wines from biblical accounts to wines produced in the past centuries by the family in noble and beautiful clay jars. Beauty wines are reborn.

Mountain Bike, Running or Down Hill, whatever sport you do our world wine capital has events for you. In region there are 3 national call activities that stand out for their dynamism, innovation and for being instances of sharing with nature, hills, vines and city.

The ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ People’s Choice Award is an offshoot of the ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards.  The accolade, created in 2018, gives wine tourists from all over the world the opportunity to vote for their favorite wine tourism experience from among the latest winners of a prestigious ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ award.

What are the ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards?

Puerto Claro

At the culinary level, chef offers a bounded menu with signature cuisine, based on local and seasonal products. Your bet, as a good port restaurant, is in fish and shellfish, where Fishing of the day and citrus fruits stand out; Raw beef and pickles; Silverside Karaage, with Thai curry; Oyster, Avocado, Basil, and lamb tongue with mushrooms and palm honey.


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